ID 4436
Name John and Arthur Arch [Cornhill]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 61 Cornhill
City Cornhill
Start Date 1805
End Date 1839


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Inspiration, a Poetical Essay Savory , Martha (Author)
Bookseller Monody on the Right Honourable Charles James Fox. By Mr. Thelwall. The Second Edition, Corrected. Thelwall , John (Author)
Lynott , Mrs. (Bookseller)
Publisher An Essay on a new theory of Colours, and on composition in general; illustrated by coloured blots shewing the application of the theory to flowers, landscapes, figures, &c. In three parts, By M. Gartside, Part I. The second edition. Gartside , Mary (Author)
Gartside , Mary (Illustrator)
Bookseller Poems, on Subjects Connected with Scripture. By Sarah Newman. Published by Subscription, for her Benefit. Newman , Sarah (Author)
Waring , Elijah (Editor)
Penny , Elizabeth (Bookseller)
Publisher Narrative of a Tour Taken in the Year 1667, to La Grande Chartreuse and Alet, by Dom Claude Lancelot, Author of the Port Royal Grammars; Including Some Account of Dom Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé, Reverend Father Abbé, and Reformer of the Monastery of Notre Dame de la Trappe: with Notes and an Appendix, Containing Some Particulars Respecting M. Du Verger de Hauranne, Abbé de St. Cyran; Cornelius Jansenius, Bishop of Ypres; and also a Brief Sketch of the Celebrated Institution of Port Royal. Lancelot , Claude (Author)
Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Editor)
Publisher Elegant Epistles: Being a copious collection of familiar and amusing letters, selected for the improvement of young persons, and for general entertainment, from Cicero, Pliny, Sydney, Bacon, Raleigh, Howel, Russell, Clarendon, Temple, Locke, Shaftesbury, Pope, Swift, Addison, Steele, Arbuthnot, Gay, Atterbury, Tillotson, Herring, Rundle, Secker, Watts, Shenstone, Somerset, Gray, Luxborough, West, Sterne, Chatham, Johnson, Lyttleton, Hoadly, Chesterfield, Gibbon, Cowper, Beattie, Jones, Richardson, Young, Lady M. W. Montague, Eliz. Montagu, Seward, Warburton, Hurd, Fox, and others. A new edition, improved and enlarged. Cicero , Marcus Tullius (Author)
the Consul , Pliny (Author)
Shenstone , William (Author)
Publisher Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity, and their Correspondence with Physiognomic Expression, Exemplified in Various Works of Art, and Natural Objects, and Illustrated with Four General Charts, and Thirty-Eight Copper Plates. By Mary Anne Shimmelpenninck, Author of "A Tour to Alet". Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Author)
Publisher A Tour to Alet and La Grande Chartreuse, by Dom Claude Lancelot, author of the Port Royal Grammars; with some account of the Monastery and Abbot Reformer of La Trappe; also biographical sketches of M. Du Verger de Hauranne, Abbedest.Cyran, Cornelius Jansenius, Bishop of Ypres; and a brief view of the celebrated institution of Port Royal. By Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, author of Theory of the Classification of Beauty and Deformity. A Narrative of the Demolition of Port Royal Des Champs. &c. Second Edition, Considerably Enlarged. In Two Volumes. Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Editor)
Lancelot , Claude (Author)
Publisher Narrative of the Demolition of the Monastery of Port Royal des Champs, including Biographical Memoirs of its Latter Inhabitants. By Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, Author of Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity; Dom Lancelot's Tour to Alet, &c. Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Author)
Publisher An Elegy on the Death of Richard Reynolds, with Other Poems. Young , Hannah (Author)
Publisher A Literal Translation of the Saxon Chronicle. Gurney , Anna (Author)
Bookseller Immediate, Not Gradual, Abolition: or an Inquiry into the Shortest, Safest, and most Effectual Means of Getting Rid of West Indian Slavery Heyrick , Elizabeth (Author)
Bookseller Immediate, Not Gradual, Abolition: or an Inquiry into the Shortest, Safest, and most Effectual Means of Getting Rid of West Indian Slavery. Third Edition. With an Appendix Containing Clarkson's Comparison Between the State of the British Peasantry and that of the Slaves in the Colonies, &c. Heyrick , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Psalms according to the Authorized Version: with prefatory titles and tabular index of scriptural references Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Author)
Publisher Observations on the Visiting, Superintendence, and Government, of Female Prisoners. By Elizabeth Fry. Gurney Fry , Elizabeth (Author)

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