ID 5395
Name William Brown
Gender Male
Street Address 23 Church Alley
City Philadelphia
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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer An introduction to botany, in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of Mental improvement, Leisure Hours, &c. The sixth edition. Wakefield , Priscilla (Author)
Printer Innocent poetry Elliott , Mary Belson (Author)
Belson , Elizabeth (Author)
Anderson , Alexander (Engraver)
Printer Extracts from the letters of Elizabeth, Lucy, & Judith Ussher, late of the city of Waterford. First American Edition. Ussher , Elizabeth (Author)
Ussher , Lucy (Author)
Ussher , Judith (Author)
Printer Ditties for children. By a lady of Boston. Sproat , Nancy (Author)
Durouchail , Pierre (Illustrator)
Anderson , Alexander (Engraver)
and 1 more.
Printer Original poems, for infant minds. By several young persons. In two volumes. Ornamented with twenty elegant wood cuts. Taylor (later Gilbert) , Ann (Author)
Taylor, Jr. , Isaac (Author)
O'Keeffe , Adelaide (Author)
and 3 more.
Printer Reasons for the necessity of silent waiting, in order to the solemn worship of God. To which are added, several quotations from Robert Barclay's Apology. By Mary Brook. The seventh edition. Brook , Mary (Author)
Barclay , Robert (Author)
Printer The New family receipt book, containing eight hundred truly valuable receipts in various branches of domestic economy, selected from the works of British and foreign writers of unquestionable authority and experience, and from the attested communications of scientific friends. A New Edition, Corrected. Rundell , Maria Eliza Ketelby (Author)
Printer The Devoted. By the Authoress of the "Disinherited," "Flirtation," &c. In Two Volumes. Bury , Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (Author)

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