ID 557
Name Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman
Gender Unknown
Street Address 39 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1830
End Date 1837


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The New Year's gift and juvenile souvenir. Edited by Mrs. Alaric Watts. Abdy, Maria 1829-1836
Publisher Legends of the Library At Lilies, By the Lord and Lady There. In Two Volumes. Grenville, Anne Lucy 1832
Publisher New children's friend: consisting of tales and conversations. By Mrs. Markham, author of the histories of England and France; in two volumes. Penrose, Elizabeth 1832
Publisher Probation and Other Tales; By the Author of “Selwyn In Search of A Daughter,” “Tales of the Moors,” &C. Smyth, Amelia Gillespie 1832
Publisher The Seasons, Stories for Very Young Children Marcet, Jane 1832
Publisher The seasons, stories for very young children: Winter. By the author of "Conversations on chemistry," &c. &c. Marcet, Jane 1832
Publisher Adelaide; A Story of Modern Life. In Three Volumes. Cathcart, Miss 1833
Publisher John Hopkins's Notions on Political Economy. By the author of "Conversations on Chemistry, Political Economy." &c. &c. Marcet, Jane 1833
Publisher Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First. By Lucy Aikin. In two volumes. Aikin, Lucy 1833
Publisher Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First. By Lucy Aikin. In two volumes. Second edition. Aikin, Lucy 1833
Publisher Tales For An English Home. By G. M. Sterne. Sterne, Georgiana M. 1833
Publisher The Bard of the Sea-kings a Legend of Kingley-Vale with Other Poems By Eleanora Louisa Montagu. Montagu, Eleanor Louisa 1833
Publisher The Moral of Flowers, Illustrated by Coloured Engravings. Hay, Rebecca 1833
Publisher A History of the Fall of the Roman Empire. Comprising a view of the invasion and settlement of the barbarians Austin, Sarah 1834
Publisher Dacre: A Novel. Edited By the Countess of Morley. In Three Volumes. Lewis, Lady Theresa 1834
Publisher John Hopkins's Notions on Political Economy. By the author of Conversations on Chemistry. Marcet, Jane 1834
Publisher Lays for the Dead. By Amelia Opie. Opie, Amelia 1834
Publisher London at Night; and Other Poems. By Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley. Stuart, Emmeline Charlotte Elizabeth 1834
Publisher Poetry for Children, Consisting of Short Pieces to be Committed to Memory Aikin, Lucy 1834
Publisher Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a Corner of Italy. "Men Should Make Diaries," said a wise counsellor, and women fancy that they should do the same. In Two Volumes. Boddington, Mary Teresa 1834
Publisher The geography of the British Isles: interspersed with many historical facts and biographical sketches : selected from the best authors and illustrated with separate blank maps and explanatory keys showing the relative situations, boundaries, principal towns, rivers, &c. of each county: for the use of young persons and schools. By Mary Martha Rodwell; in two volumes. Rodwell, Mary Martha 1834
Publisher The history of England: related in familiar conversations, by a father to his children interspersed with moral and instructive remarks, and observations on the most leading and interesting subjects: designed for the perusal of youth; by Elizabeth Helme. Helme, Elizabeth 1834
Publisher Warleigh; or, The Fatal Oak. A Legend of Devon. By Mrs. Bray, author of "Fitz of Fitz-Ford," "The Talba," "The White Hoods," "De Foix," &c &c. In Three Volumes. Bray, Anna Eliza 1834
Publisher Conversations at the work-table. By a mother. Barnard, Frances Catherine 1835
Publisher Heath's Book of Beauty. 1835. With nineteen beautifully finished engravings, from drawings by the first artists. Edited by the Countess of Blessington. Gardiner, Marguerite 1835

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