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Name John Deighton [Cambridge, 1784–1786; 1796–?]
Gender Unknown
Street Address
City Cambridge
Start Date 1784
End Date


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher A letter from Mrs. Straightforward to her son Timmy. To which is prefixed, Mrs. Straightforward's letter to the ladies and gentlemen of Cambridge. Unknown , (Author)
Bookseller Miscellaneous poems by Mrs. J. Pilkington, dedicated by permission, to her Grace the Dutchess of Marlborough. In two volumes. Pilkington , Mary (Author)
Publisher The Raising of Jairus' Daughter; a Poem. By Francis Wrangham, M.A. To Which is Annexed a Short Memoir, Interspersed with a Few Poetical Productions, of the Late Caroline Symmons Wrangham , Francis (Author)
Symmons , Caroline (Author)
Publisher Original Poems, on Various Occasions. By a Lady. Revised by William Cowper, Esq. of the Inner Temple. Second Edition. Cowper , Frances Maria (Author)
Cowper , William (Editor)
Mathews , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Bookseller Original Poems. By Mrs. Pilkington. Pilkington , Mary (Author)
Bookseller Miscellaneous Poems, by Miss Emma Lyon, Daughter of the Rev. S. Lyon, Hebrew Teacher. Lyon , Emma (Author)
Bookseller The English Drama Purified: Being a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages that have appeared to the editor to be objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With prefaces and notes. By James Plumptre, B.D. Fellow of Clark-Hall, Cambridge. Pilon , Frederick (Author)
Colman , George (the elder) (Author)
Moore , Edward (Author)
and 13 more.
Publisher Spanish Tales, Translated From Le Sage, and Selected From Other Authors: Wherein are contained a description of Madrid, Grenada, Saragoza, Seville, Milan, Parma, Palermo, &c. &c. By Mrs. Frederick Layton. In Three Volumes. Layton , Jemima (Author)
Bookseller The Home of Love, a Poem. Dedicated, by Permission, to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales. By Mrs Henry Rolls, authoress of "Sacred Sketches," "Moscow," "An Address to Lord Byron," and other poems. Rolls , Mary (Author)
Bookseller Poems; Being the Genuine Compositions of Elizabeth Bentley, of Norwich. Bentley , Elizabeth (Author)

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