ID 74
Name R. Scholey
Gender Unknown
Street Address
City London
Start Date 1810
End Date 1825


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The juvenile speaker: or dialogues, and miscellaneous pieces in prose and verse; for the instruction of youth, in the art of reading. By the author of The Polite Reasoner. Weightman , Mary (Author)
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind: addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone; and A father's legacy to his daughters. By Dr. Gregory. Gregory , John (Author)
Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)
Publisher Reflections on the Works of God; and of His Providence throughout All Nature. Translated by a lady, from the German of C.C. Sturm. Sturm , Cristoph Christian (Author)
Unknown , [Woman] (Translator)
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind: addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone; and A father's legacy to his daughters. By Dr. Gregory. Chapone , Hester Mulso (Author)
Gregory , John (Author)
Publisher Translation Of The Letters Of A Hindoo Rajah; Written Previous To, And During The Period Of His Residence In England. To Which Is Prefixed, A Preliminary Dissertation On The History, Religion, And Manners, Of The Hindoos. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author Of Letters On The Elementary Principles Of Education, Cottagers Of Glenburnie, &c. &c. Fifth Edition. Hamilton , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Théâtre à l'usage des jeunes personnes. Par Madame la comtesse Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Publisher Elegant Epistles: Being a copious collection of familiar and amusing letters, selected for the improvement of young persons, and for general entertainment, from Cicero, Pliny, Sydney, Bacon, Raleigh, Howel, Russell, Clarendon, Temple, Locke, Shaftesbury, Pope, Swift, Addison, Steele, Arbuthnot, Gay, Atterbury, Tillotson, Herring, Rundle, Secker, Watts, Shenstone, Somerset, Gray, Luxborough, West, Sterne, Chatham, Johnson, Lyttleton, Hoadly, Chesterfield, Gibbon, Cowper, Beattie, Jones, Richardson, Young, Lady M. W. Montague, Eliz. Montagu, Seward, Warburton, Hurd, Fox, and others. A new edition, improved and enlarged. Cicero , Marcus Tullius (Author)
the Consul , Pliny (Author)
Shenstone , William (Author)
Publisher Les veillées du château, ou cours de morale, à l'usage des enfans. Par l'auteur d'Adèle et Théodore. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité (Author)
Publisher Fairy tales and novels by the Countess d'Anois; translated from the French, with a biographical preface. In two volumes. d'Aulnoy , Marie-Catherine (Author)
d'Aulnoy , Marie-Catherine (Translator)
Publisher Paul and Virginia: translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre; By Helen Maria Williams. Elizabeth; or, the exiles of Siberia. A tale, founded upon facts: from the French of Madame Cottin. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)
de Saint-Pierre , Jacques-Henri Bernardin (Author)
Williams , Helen Maria (Translator)
Publisher The British Novelists; with an Essay, and Prefaces Biographical and Critical, by Mrs. Barbauld. A New Edition. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Editor)
Burney , Frances (Author)
Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
and 16 more.
Publisher The Messiah: from the German of Klopstock. The first sixteen books by Mrs. Collyer, and the three last by Mrs. Meeke. To which is prefixed, an introduction on divine poetry Klopstock , Friedrich Gottlieb (Author)
Collyer , Mary (Translator)
Meeke , Elizabeth (Translator)
Publisher Tales and Miscellaneous Pieces. By Maria Edgeworth. In fourteen volumes. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher Castle Rackrent, an Hibernian tale. Taken from facts, and from the manners of the Irish squires, before the year 1782. By Maria Edgeworth, author of Practical Education, Letters for Literary Ladies, The Parent's Assistant, &c. A New Edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror; Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightful Little Stories and interesting tales. Chiefly Translated from that Much Admired Work, L'Ami des Enfans. Illustrated with engravings on Wood, by George Baxter. Nineteenth Edition. Berquin , Arnaud (Author)
Stockdale , Mary (Translator)

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