ID 783
Name William Gilbert [26 South Great George's Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 26 South Great George's-Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1777
End Date 1800


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The sylph; a novel. Cavendish, Georgiana 1780
Publisher The Siege of Sinope. A tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Brooke, Author of Julia Mandeville, &c. Brooke, Frances 1781
Publisher An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature, and reading the Holy scriptures; adapted to the capacities of children. To which is added an essay on female education. Trimmer, Sarah 1782
Publisher The two mentors: a modern story. By the author of The old English baron. Reeve, Clara 1783
Publisher The sylph; a novel. Cavendish, Georgiana 1784
Publisher Albina, a Novel. In a series of Letters. Unknown 1786
Publisher Caroline of Lichtfield; a novel. Translated from the French. By Thomas Holcroft. In two volumes. ... de Montolieu, Isabelle 1786
Publisher Juvenile indiscretions. A novel. In two volumes. By the author of Anna, or the Welch heiress. ... Bennett, Anna Maria 1786
Publisher Zoriada: or, Village annals. A novel. Hughes, Anne 1786
Printer I'll Tell You What. A Comedy, in five acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher A School for Greybeards; or, The Mourning Bride: a Comedy, in five acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1787
Publisher Caroline; or, the diversities of fortune : a novel. In two volumes. ... Hughes, Anne 1787
Publisher Louisa; or, the cottage on the moor. In two volumes. ... Helme, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher Olivia; or, deserted bride. By the author of Hortensia, The Rambles of Frankly, and The Fashionable Friend. In two volumes. ... Bonhote, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher Seduction: A comedy. as it is performed at the Theatre-royal in Drury Lane. By Thomas Holcroft. Holcroft, Thomas 1787
Publisher The history of Lady Emma Melcombe, and her family. By a female. In three volumes. Unknown, [Woman] 1787
Publisher The memoirs of Mrs. Sophia Baddeley. Late of Drury-Lane Theatre. By Mrs. Elizabeth Steele. In three volumes. Steele, Elizabeth 1787
Publisher The Midnight Hour; or, War of Wits. A Farce, in two acts. Translated from the French. "Ruse Contre Ruse; ou, La Guerre Ouverte." Represented seventy successive nights at Paris. And now performing with universal applause. 1787
Publisher The romance of real life. By Charlotte Smith. In two volumes. Smith, Charlotte Turner 1787
Publisher Such Things Are. A play. In five acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher The Fate of Sparta: or, The Rival Kings. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Tehatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. By Mrs. Cowley. Cowley, Hannah 1788
Publisher The new peerage: or, our eyes may deceive us. A comedy. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Written by Miss Harriet Lee. Lee, Harriet 1788
Publisher Oswald castle: or Memoirs of lady Sophia Woodville; A novel. By a lady. Unknown, [Woman] 1789
Publisher The child of nature. A dramatic piece, in four acts. From the French of Madame the Marchioness of Sillery, formerly Countess of Genlis. Performing at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. By Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth 1789
Printer An address to the opposers of the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, in the British House of Commons. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1790

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