ID 93
Name Sherwood, Neely, and Jones
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 20 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date
End Date 1823


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Reflections on the Works of God; and of His Providence throughout All Nature. Translated by a lady, from the German of C.C. Sturm. Sturm, Cristoph Christian 1808
Bookseller The Lords of Erith, A Romance, in three volumes. By C. Manners. Manners, Catharine Rebecca 1809
Bookseller Ormond; or, The Debauchee. Comprehending Sketches of Real Characters, and Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of Fashionable Life, at the Close of the Year 1809. In Three Volumes. By Sophia Lee. Lee, Sophia 1810
Bookseller The Adulteress; or, Anecdotes of Two Noble Families: A Tale. In Four Volumes. By an English-Woman. Unknown, [Woman] 1810
Bookseller The Italian Marauders. A Romance, in Four Volumes. By Anna Matilda. Cowley, Hannah 1810
Bookseller The Priory of Saint Mary. A Romance founded on Days of Old. In Four Volumes. By Bridget St. Hilaire. St. Hilaire, Bridget 1810
Bookseller The Priory of Saint Mary. A Romance founded on Days of Old. In Four Volumes. By Bridget St. Hilaire. St. Hilaire, Bridget 1810
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind. Addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone. With The Life of the Author. A new edition. Chapone, Hester Mulso 1810
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind: addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone; and A father's legacy to his daughters. By Dr. Gregory. Chapone, Hester Mulso 1810
Publisher Poems, on Various Subjects Mary Sophia 1810
Publisher The British Novelists; with an Essay; and Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, by Mrs. Barbauld Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1810
Publisher The Female Quixote; or, the Adventures of Arabella. By Mrs. Lennox. In two volumes. A new edition. Lennox, Charlotte 1810
Bookseller The Poetical Chain, Consisting of Miscellaneous Poems, Moral, Sentimental, and Descriptive, on Familiar and Interesting Subjects. By Mrs. Ritson. Ritson, Anne 1811
Publisher Fatherless Fanny; or, the Memoirs of a Little Mendicant, and her Benefactors. A Modern Novel, in four volumes. By Mrs. Edgeworth, the Authoress of "the Wife; or, a Model for Women," &c &c. 1811
Publisher Poems, on Moral and Religious Subjects: To Which are Prefixed, Introductory Remarks on a Course of Female Education. By A. Flowerdew. Third edition, containing several additional poems. Flowerdew, Alice 1811
Publisher A dialogue between a lady and her pupils, describing a journey through England and Wales; with a detail of arts and manufactures of each city and town, and descriptions of natural history. Designed for schools in General. By Mrs. Brooke. Third edition, considerably englared. Together with an introductory account of England, and of the metropolis of the British Empire. By the Rev. John Evans, A.M. Master of a seminary for a limited number of pupils, Pullin's-Row, Islington; and author of a sketch of the denominations of the Christian world, sequel, &c. Evans, John 1812
Publisher An introduction to botany: in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of Mental Improvement, Leisure Hours, &c. The Sixth Edition Wakefield, Priscilla 1812
Publisher Deception. A Fashionable Novel, in three volumes, founded on Facts. By Mrs. Green. Authoress of the Private HIstory of the Court of England—Good Men of Modern Date, &c. &c. &c. Green, Sarah 1813
Publisher Sacred history, in familiar dialogues, for the instruction of youth: with maps. To which is added, the history of the Jews, from the time of Nehemiah to the destruction of Jerusalem. By Miss H. Neale, author of 'Amusement Hall,' 'Britannus and Africus,' &c. &c. With a recommendatory preface, by the Rev. John Ryland, D.D. Third edition. In two volumes. Neale, Hannah 1813
Publisher The Maiden Wife: or, The Heiress of De Courcey. A Most Interesting Tale. In Four Volumes. By Miss M. Hamilton, authoress of The Forest of St. Bernardo, &c. &c. Hamilton, Ann Mary 1813
Publisher Elegant Epistles: Being a copious collection of familiar and amusing letters, selected for the improvement of young persons, and for general entertainment, from Cicero, Pliny, Sydney, Bacon, Raleigh, Howel, Russell, Clarendon, Temple, Locke, Shaftesbury, Pope, Swift, Addison, Steele, Arbuthnot, Gay, Atterbury, Tillotson, Herring, Rundle, Secker, Watts, Shenstone, Somerset, Gray, Luxborough, West, Sterne, Chatham, Johnson, Lyttleton, Hoadly, Chesterfield, Gibbon, Cowper, Beattie, Jones, Richardson, Young, Lady M. W. Montague, Eliz. Montagu, Seward, Warburton, Hurd, Fox, and others. A new edition, improved and enlarged. Shenstone, William 1814
Publisher Elizabeth; or, The Exiles of Siberia. Translated from the French of Madame Cottin, by W. R. Bowles, Esq. With historical, explanatory, and geographical notes. Cottin, Sophie Ristaud 1814
Publisher Mentoria; or the Young Ladies' Instructor; in Familiar Conversation, on Moral and Entertaining Subjects. Calculated to Improve Young Minds in the Essential as well as Ornamental Parts of Female Eduction. By Ann Murry. The Eleventh Edition. Murry, Ann 1814
Publisher The Ballad Singer; or, Memoirs of the Bristol Family: A Most Interesting Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Edgeworth, Author of the Chateau de St. Pierre, Fatherless Fanny, &c. &c. &c. Edgeworth, Mrs. 1814
Publisher The Carthusian Friar; or, The Mysteries of Montanville. A Posthumous Romance. In Four Volumes. Corrected and Revised by An Author of Celebrity. Green, Sarah 1814

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