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Unknown , . (1800). Jachin and boaz; or, an authentic key to the door of free-masonry, both ancient and modern: calculated not only for the instruction of every new-made mason, but also for the information of all who intend to become brethen. containing, i. a circumstantial account of all the proceedings in making a mason, with the several obligations of an entered apprentice, fellow-craft, and master; the prayers, and also the sign, grip, and pass-word of each degree, with the ceremony of the mop and pail. ii. the manner of opening a lodge, and setting the craft to work. ... vii. a safe and easy method proposed, by which a man may obtain admittance into any lodge, without passing through the form required, and thereby save a guinea or two in his pocket. viii. anthems, odes, songs, &c. illustrated with a beautiful frontispiece of the regalia, jewels, and emblematical ornaments belonging to masonry; and an accurate plan of the drawing on the floor of a lodge. interspersed with variety of atnotes and remarks, necessary to explain and render the whole clear to the meanest capacity: to which is now added, a new and accurate list of all the english regular lodges in the world, according to their seniority, with the dates of each constitution, and days of meeting. by a gentleman belonging to the jerusalem lodge; a frequent visitor at the queen's arms, st. paul's church-yard; the horn, in fleet street; crown and anchor, strand; and the salutation, newgate street. London: Elizabeth Newbery. Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Poultry] William Champante and Benjamin Whitrow. Henry Delahoy Symonds [Paternoster Row]
Owenson , S. (1803). St. clair; or, the heiress of desmond. by s. o. London: Samuel Highley [24 Fleet] Edward Harding [98 Pall Mall] John Archer [Commercial Buildings, Dame Street]
Ludlow , E. (1811). Felissa; or, the memoirs of a kitten. London: John Harris and Son.
Trimmer , S. (1812). Instructive tales by mrs. trimmer. collected from the family magazine. second edition. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] John Hatchard [190 Piccadilly] Francis, Charles and John Rivington.
Hawkins , L. (1821). Heraline; or, opposite proceedings. by laetitia-matilda hawkins. in four volumes. London: Francis, Charles and John Rivington. Thomas Hookham, Junior.
Hawkins , L. (1821). Heraline; or, opposite proceedings. by laetitia-matilda hawkins. in four volumes. the second edition. London: Thomas Hookham, Junior. Francis, Charles and John Rivington.