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s.n. [sine nomine] Information for Susanna countess of Strathmore, and Mr. James Lyon, brother-german to the deceast Charles earl of Strathmore, against James Carnegie of Finhaven, pannel.
s.n. [sine nomine] Information for the dutchess of Buccleugh, against the earls of Melvill and Leven, and Mr. James Melvill of Hall-hill.
s.n. [sine nomine] Information for the magistrates of Perth, pursuers; against my Lady Gray, and her husband Lord Gray, defenders.
s.n. [sine nomine] Jane Vernon, widow, executrix and devisee of Thomas Vernon, Esq; deceas'd, - - - - petitioner. Captain John Vernon, - - - - - - - - respondent. The respondent's case.
s.n. [sine nomine] Letters published in the Salisbury Journal, &c. Sir, Mrs. Drummond's late discourse, delivered at the quakers meeting-house in Salisbury, on Thursday, the 16th of this instant, having given occasion for much conversation in this city, ...
s.n. [sine nomine] Librorum ex bibliothecis Philippi Farewell, D.D. et Danielis de Foe, gen. catalogus: or a catalogue of the libraries of the Reverend and learned Philips Farewell, ... and of the ingenious Daniel de Foe, ... to be sold ... on Monday the 15th of November, 1731. By Olive Payne, ...
s.n. [sine nomine] Lettres sur la religion essentielle à l'homme, distinguée de ce qui n'en est que l'accessoire.
s.n. [sine nomine] Suite de l'histoire secrette de la reine Zarah et des Zaraziens; Ou la Duchesse de Marlborough demasquée.
s.n. [sine nomine] Suite de la troisieme partie sur la religion essentielle a l'homme, en douze lettres.
s.n. [sine nomine] Suite du système sur l'etat des ames separées des corps. Servant de réponse au livre intitulé Examen de l'Origenisme; par Mr. le Professeur R... Seconde Edition augumentée de diverses pieces
s.n. [sine nomine] A fountain of gardens: or, a spiritual diary of the wonderful experiences of a Christian soul, under the conduct of the heavenly wisdom; continued from the year MDCLXXVIII, to the middle of the year MDCLXXXVI. Vol. III. Part. II. By J. Lead.
s.n. [sine nomine] A key to the third volume of the Atalantis, call'd, Memoirs of Europe.
s.n. [sine nomine] The election. A comedy of three acts. As it is now acting in London with great applause.