Name Poetry Epic

Lengthy composition, elegy, epistle, or canto in verse pertaining to a heroic journey, event, or individual. Works in this category are often derived from the genre designation on the title page.

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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
1651 An epic poem on Adam and Eve. With poetry, on two ladies in disguise. A short pastoral: also the soliloquy of a young lady ; together with a poem, an elegy, and a vindication of fate in marriage: to which is added, rules for polite behaviour. By Ann Holmes, Redmire ; Wensleydale. Holmes, Ann
Joseph Todd (Bedale)
1800 1
600 Epistles on Women, Exemplifying their Character and Condition in Various Ages and Nations. With miscellaneous poems. By Lucy Aikin. Aikin, Lucy
Joseph Johnson and Co. (London)
1810 1st
8376 The Epics of the ton; or, the glories of the great world: a poem, in two books, with notes and illustrations. The Second Edition, with considerable Additions. Hamilton, Anne
Charles and Richard Baldwin (London)
1807 2
5438 The glorious revolutions of 1782. A heroic poem. In two parts. By a lady. Unknown,
12949 The Henriade, an Epic Poem, in Ten Cantos. Translated from the French of Voltaire, into English Rhyme, with large Historical and Critical Notes. Arouet, Francois-Marie (Voltaire)
1797 1