ID 64
Name Joseph Johnson and Co.
Gender Male
Street Address 72 St. Paul's Churchyard
City London
Start Date 1810
End Date 1815


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller The picture. A novel. By the Miss Minifies, Of Fairwater in Somersetshire; Authors of the History of Lady Frances S-, and Lady Caroline S-. ... Gunning , Susannah (Author)
Minifie , Margaret (Author)
Publisher The history of Miss Pittborough. In a series of letters. By a lady. In two volumes. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher Poems on slavery: by Maria Falconar, aged 17, and Harriet Falconar, aged 14. Falconar , Maria (Author)
Falconar , Harriet (Author)
Publisher Poems, by Maria and Harriet Falconar. The second edition. Falconar , Harriet (Author)
Falconar , Maria (Author)
Publisher An Easy Introduction to the Knowledge of Nature, and Reading the Holy Scriptures: Adapted to the Capacities of Children. By Mrs. Trimmer. The Thirteenth Edition, with Considerable Additions and Improvements. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Castle Rackrent; an Hibernian tale. Taken from facts, and from the manners of the Irish squires, before the year 1782. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Practical Education, Letters for Literary Ladies, the Parent's Assistant, &c. The Fifth edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher Epistles on Women, Exemplifying their Character and Condition in Various Ages and Nations. With miscellaneous poems. By Lucy Aikin. Aikin , Lucy (Author)
Publisher The British Novelists; with an Essay; and Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, by Mrs. Barbauld Smith , Charlotte (Author)
Moore , John (Author)
Graves , Richard (Author)
and 16 more.
Publisher The Female Quixote; or, the Adventures of Arabella. By Mrs. Lennox. In two volumes. A new edition. Lennox , Charlotte (Author)
Mathews , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher Vocal Poetry, a select collection of English songs. To which is prefixed an essay on song-writing, by John Aikin, M.D. Taylor , Ann Martin (Author)
Aikin , John (Author)
Opie , Amelia (Author)
and 10 more.
Publisher Belinda. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Popular Tales, Castle Rackrent, &c. &c. In three volumes. Third Edition. Corrected and Improved. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher Cottage Dialogues among the Irish Peasantry. By Mary Leadbeater. With Notes and a Preface by Maria Edgeworth, author of Castle Rackrent, &c. Leadbeater , Mary (Author)
Edgeworth , Maria (Introducer)
Publisher Fabulous Histories. Designed for the instruction of children respecting their treatment of animals. By Mrs. Trimmer. Ninth edition. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Juvenile correspondence, or, Letters designed as examples of the epistolary style: for children of both sexes. By Lucy Aikin. Aikin , Lucy (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, the Wife of Germanicus. By Elizabeth Hamilton, author of Letters on the elementary principles of education, Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, &c. &c. Second Edition. Hamilton , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher Popular Tales. By Maria Edgeworth, author of Belinda, Castle Rackrent, &c. &c. In three Volumes. Fourth Edition. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Publisher The Female Speaker; or, Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse, Selected from the Best Writers, and Adapted to the Use of Young Women by Anna Lætitia Barbauld. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Editor)
Publisher Translation Of The Letters Of A Hindoo Rajah; Written Previous To, And During The Period Of His Residence In England. To Which Is Prefixed, A Preliminary Dissertation On The History, Religion, And Manners, Of The Hindoos. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author Of Letters On The Elementary Principles Of Education, Cottagers Of Glenburnie, &c. &c. Fifth Edition. Hamilton , Elizabeth (Author)
Bookseller The Lowestoft Guide: Containing a Descriptive Account of Lowestoft and Its Environs. By a Lady. Embellished with Engravings Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher Eighteen Hundred and Eleven: A Poem. By Anna Letitia Barbauld. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher Lessons for children. In four Parts. Part I. For children from two to three years old. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher Lessons for children. In four Parts. Part II. Being the first for children of three years old. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher Lessons for children. In four Parts. Part III. Being the second for children of three years old. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher Lessons for children. In four Parts. Part IV. For children from three to four years old. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Publisher Poems by Caroline Symmons, and Charles Symmons, D. D. author of "The Life of Milton," &c. &c. Symmons , Caroline (Author)
Symmons , Charles (Author)

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