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Name Cambridge
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Firms 20
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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
14702 A dissent from the Church of England, fully justified, And proved to be the genuine and just consequence of the allegiance which is due to Jesus Christ, the only lawgiver in the Church: being the dissenting gentleman’s three letters and postscript, in answer to the letters of the Rev. Mr. White, on that subject. also a letter to the Bishops, on the present state of religion in this kingdom; And the opinions of three eminent lawyers, On the Question, Whether an action can be maintained against a Clergyman, for refusing to admit a notorious evil-liver to the Sacrament, who demands it as a qualification for an office. By Micaiah Towgood. Towgood , Micaiah
Benjamin Flower (Cambridge)
Shirley Woolmer (Exeter)
J. Reed (London)
Charles Sutton (Nottingham)
Thomas Conder [Bucklersbury] (London)
William Button (London)
Martha Gurney (London)
1800 The eighth edition.
6913 A letter from Mrs. Straightforward to her son Timmy. To which is prefixed, Mrs. Straightforward's letter to the ladies and gentlemen of Cambridge. Unknown ,
John Deighton [Cambridge, 1784–1786; 1796–?] (Cambridge)
1699 A letter to the author of the proposal for the establishment of public examinations. Jebb , Ann
5391 A poem on the love of our neighbour: Published for the benefit of a person in distress, remarkable for her poetic genius. By a lady. It is more blessed to give, than to receive; faith the Saviour of mankind. Unknown , [Woman]
25133 An Ode to the Duke Humphry imitated from Horace. Unknown ,
25136 One more letter to the people of England. Unknown ,
24917 Polemical tracts; or a collection of papers written in defence of the doctrines and discipline of the Church of England. To which are added a short exposition upon the church-catechism, and a sermon concerning the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. By Henry Stubbing, M. A. Rector of Garboldisham in Norfolk Stebbing , Henry
12819 The English Drama Purified: Being a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages that have appeared to the editor to be objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With prefaces and notes. By James Plumptre, B.D. Fellow of Clark-Hall, Cambridge. Brooke , Frances
Goldsmith , Oliver
Steele , Richard
Garrick , David
Pilon , Frederick
Colman , George (the elder)
Dodsley , Robert
Rowe , Nicholas
Home , John
Bickerstaff , Isaac
Cibber , Colley
Lillo , George
Vanbrugh , John
Kelly , Hugh
Moore , Edward
25134 The Magdalen, an Elegy by the author of The Nunnery. Unknown ,
25135 The Medical & Chemical Observations Upon Antimony. Unknown ,
14758 The triumph of truth, in the testimony of its foes; or proofs of the authenticity of the Bible, Derived from the Evidence of its Opposers, Perverters, and Revilers, Interspersed with Thoughts on Modern Infidelity, And on the Moral, Political and Religious Revolutions of the Present Age; in a series of letters to a disciple of Deism. By Thomas Bingham. Bingham , Thomas
Benjamin Flower (Cambridge)