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Last Name Corbett
First Name Ann
Gender Female
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Related Firms Ann and Charles Corbett
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Role Title Date
Publisher A Full Account of the Siege of Minorca, by the French, in 1756. With all the Circumstances relating thereto. 1756
Publisher A letter to the King of *****. By an Englishman; Not a member of the House of Commons. 1756
Bookseller Ben Johnson's last legacy to the sons of wit, mirth, and jollytry; containing complete jests, Riddles, epigrams, epitaphs, acrosticks, anagrams, &c. To which is added, a drunken oration, as it was performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden, by that inimitable Comedian Mr. Shuter, in the character of Mr. Hipsley's Drunken Man. The second edition. 1756
Publisher The beauties of the English stage: consisting of the most affecting and sentimental passages, soliloquies, similies, descriptions, &c. in the English plays, ancient and modern. Digested under proper heads in alphabetical order, with the names and dates of the plays and their several authors refer'd to. The third edition, in which the errors of the former editions are corrected, and the collection is continued down to the present year. In three volumes. 1756
Publisher The Protest 1757
Publisher Dialogues of the dead. Written in French by the Archbishop of Cambray, translated into English from the best Paris edition. The fourth edition, corrected. 1760
Publisher The Albion queens: or, the death of Mary Queen of Scotland. As acted at the Theatres Royal, by His Majesty's servants. Written by Mr. Banks, ... 1763
Publisher A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English; containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into the other. To which end many things that were erroneous, are rectified, many superfluities retrenched, and very many defects supplied. And all suited to the meanest capacities, in a plainer method than heretofore; being for ease reduced into an alphabetical order, and explained in the mother tongue. And towards the compleating the English part (which hath been long desired) here are added thousands of words, phrases, proverbs, proper names, and many other useful things mentioned in the preface to the work. The seventeenth edition, with large additions. By Elisha Coles, late of Magdalen-College, Oxon. 1764
Publisher The progress of a female mind, in some interesting enquiries. Containing, I. A Soliloquy. II. A Letter to a Jew, on the Evidences of Revelation. III. A Letter to a Christian Divine on the Gospel System; with some References to a late Free Enquirer. IV. A Remark on the Importance of the Hebrew Language. By a lady. 1764
Publisher The description and use of the globes, in question and answer: with an explanation of the terms. To which is added, an appendix concerning the properties of the four elements, ... and those of the atmosphere: also, a brief account of eclipses and their causes. ... By Jeremiah D'Avenant, ... 1766

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