ID 1326
Name Samuel Price [Dame Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Opposite Crane Lane, Dame Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1749
End Date 1766


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The stage-Coach: containing the character of Mr. Manly, and the history of his fellow-travellers. Smythies , Susan (Author)
Publisher The invisible spy. By Exploralibus. In two volumes. Haywood , Eliza (Author)
Publisher Barbarossa: a tragedy. As it is perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. The third edition. James , Alice (Publisher)
Brown , John (Author)
Publisher The oracle, A comedy of one act, as it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in London and Dublin. Written by Mrs. Cibber. Cibber , Susannah Maria Arne (Author)
Publisher A new geographical and historical grammar: wherein the geographical part is truly modern; and the present state of the several kingdoms of the world is so interspersed, as to render the study of geography both entertaining and instructive. Containing I. A description of the figure and motion of the Earth. II. Geographical definitions and problems, being a necessary introduction to this study. III. A general division of the globe into land and water. IV. The situation and extent of the several countries contained in each corner of the world; their cities, chief towns, history, present state, respective forms of government, forces, revenues, taxes, revolutions, and memorable events. Together with an account of the air, soil, produce, traffic, ... arms, religion, language, universities, bishopricks, manners, customs, habits, and coins, in use in the several kingdoms and states described. By Mr. Salmon. Illustrated with a set of twenty-three new maps of the ... drawn by the direction of Mr. Salmon, and engraved by Mr. Jefferys, geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The ninth edition, with very great additions and improvements. Salmon , Thomas (Author)
James , Alice (Publisher)
Publisher Love at first sight: a ballad farce, of two acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. King , Thomas (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Leathley , Ann (Publisher)
Publisher Philaster a tragedy. Written by Beaumont and Fletcher. With alterations. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Beaumont , Francis (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Fletcher , John (Author)
Publisher Family pictures, a novel. Containing curious and interesting memoirs of several persons of fashion in W-----re. By a lady. In two volumes. ... Gunning , Susannah (Author)
Publisher The discovery: or, memoirs of Miss Marianne Middleton. By Mrs. Woodfin, In two volumes. Woodfin , A. (Author)
Publisher The Dupe, a Comedy. As it is now acting at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. By His Majesty's Servants. By the author of The Discovery. Sheridan , Frances Chamberlaine (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher The history of Lady Louisa Stroud, and the Honourable Miss Caroline Stretton. In two volumes. Gibbes , Phebe (Author)
Publisher The history of Miss Jenny Salisbury; addressed to the Countess of Roscommond. Translated from the French of the celebrated Madame Riccoboni. In two volumes. ... Riccoboni , Marie Jeanne (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Cotter , Sarah (Publisher)
and 2 more.
Publisher The mayor of Garret. A comedy. In two acts. As it is performed at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. By Samuel Foote, Esq Foote , Samuel (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Leathley , Ann (Publisher)

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