ID 7483
Name John Osborne I [Lombard St]
Gender Male
Street Address Oxford Arms, Lombard Street
City London
Start Date 1700
End Date 1727
Sources British Book Trade Index 51499
Related Firms John Osborne I and Thomas Varnam
John Osborne I [Horsley Down]


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller The works of Mr. William Shakespear, in nine volumes: with his life, by N. Rowe Esq; Adorn'd with cuts. To the last volume is prefix'd, I. An essay on the art, rise, and progress of the stage, in Greece, Rome, and England. II. Observations upon the most sublime passages in this author. III. A Glossary, explaining the antiquated words made use of throughout his works. Shakespeare , William (Author)
Rowe , Nicholas (Author)
Sanger , Katherine (Publisher)
Bookseller Memoirs of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Containing all his military actions, his Negotiations in several Courts of Europe, and other Events of his Life, as well Gallant as Political. Intermix'd with Variety of Adventures of Gentlemen and Officers of the Imperial and Confederate Armies in Hungary, Italy, and the Netherlands, where Prince Evgene commanded. Written by a gentleman who constantly follow'd that Prince. Translated from the French. In two volumes. d'Artanville , M. (Author)
Sanger , Katherine (Publisher)
Publisher The justice of peace's vade mecum: being a compleat summary of all the acts of Parliament relating to justices of peace; shewing the various penalties of offences by statute, and the particular power of one, two, or more Justices, in their proceedings and determinations, as well as out of sessions, under several distinct Heads. To which are added, some adjudged cases concerning justices of peace, and the several branches of their business; Instructions for drawing all manner of warrants, and Precedents of Warrants, Commitments, &c. in all common Matters. The whole done in an alphabetical method, with an exact table. Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Unknown , (Author)
Publisher The landlords law: or, the law concerning landlords, tenants, and farmers. Viz. 1. Of the nature and origin of tenures. 2. Of Estates, and their several Kinds. 3. Of Copyholds and Copyholders. 4. Of Leases, Covenants, Surrenders, Assignments, &c. 5, and 6. Of the Parties to Leases, wherein is shewn who may lease, who may rent, and what may be leased. 7, and 8. Contain the Obligations and Rights of the Parties, by Virtue of the Lease. 9, and 10. Of the remedies the law gives each party for the recovery of their rights. Necessary for all Landlords, Tenants, Farmers, Stewards, Agents, Sollicitors, and others concerned in the Buying, Selling, and Letting of Estates The sixth edition. To which is added an appendix containing such Acts of. Parliament and proper precedents as relate to these subjects, brought down to this time. Great Britain , (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher The office and duty of executors: or, a treatise directing testators to form, and executors to perform their wills and testaments according to law. Originally compiled by that judicious and approved author, Tho. Wentworth, late Bencher of Lincoln's-Inn. And now enlarged with a supplement, containing Divers Matters and Things not comprized in former Impressions, relating to Wills, Executors, Administrators, Devises, Legacies, &c. Collected from the Common and Statute Laws, and methodically digested, rendring the whole compleat, and in all its Parts conformable to the present Time and Laws now in Force. With References to the several Acts of Parliament and authentick Books of Reports both Ancient and Modern authorizing and approving the same. By H Curson of the Inner-Temple. Wentworth , Thomas (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)
Publisher The authority, jurisdiction and method of keeping County-Courts, Courts-Leet, and Courts-Baron. Explaining the judicial and ministerial authority of sheriffs. Also, the office and duty of a coroner. By William Greenwood, gent. The eighth edition, very much enlarged, by adding the form and method of holding a Court of Survey, new Law Cases, precedents of Presentments and Surrenders, Declarations, Pleadings; with a Table of the Fees, &c. rendring it more useful to Under-Sherriffs, County-Clerks, Solicitors, Court-Keepers, &c. Greenwood , William (Author)
Nutt , Elizabeth (Printer)

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