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25500 A sermon on the African slave trade, preached at Maze-Pond, Southwark, Lord’s day afternoon, Nov. 30, 1788, by James Dore. Published at request. Second Edition. Dore , James
1788 Second Edition
23950 An English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory: Anciently used in the English-Saxon Church. Giving an Account of the Conversion of the English from Paganism to Christianity. Translated into modern English, with notes, &c. By Eliz. Elstob. 1709
13580 Defence of the War against France. By William Fox. Fox , William
14717 Information to those who would remove to America. By Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Franklin , Benjamin
25902 Queen Robin: or the second part of Neck or nothing, detecting the secret reign of the four last years. In a familiar dialogue between Mr. Truman (alias Mr. John Dunton) and his friend, ... The Third Edition. Dunton , John
M. Brudenell (London)
1714? The Third Edition.
25504 The curious maid, a tale. Hildebrand , Jacob
25526 The nature of contracts consider'd, as they relate to the third and fourth subscriptions, taken in by the South Sea Company. In a letter to a friend. With a postscript, concerning the meeting at Salters Hall, the 18th instant. By a tradesman of the city, whose name is not to be found in any of the subscriptions. The second edition, corrected. Unknown , [Man]
James Roberts [Warwick Lane] (London)
John Harrison (Cornhill)
Anne Dodd I (London)
1720 The second edition, corrected.