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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
58 A Communication given to Joanna, in Answer to Mr. Brothers' last Book, published the end of this year, 1802 Southcott , Joanna
13100 A compendium of useful information, on the works of creation and providence, by way of dialogue. Compiled chiefly for the use of schools on the improved system of education. Fletcher , Martha
14542 A Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy; Its Natural History, Manners, Customs, Superstitions, Scenery, Antiquities, Biography of Eminent Persons, &c. &c. In a Series of Letters to Robert Southey, Esq. By Mrs. Bray, Author of 'Travels in Normandy,' 'Fitz of Fitz-Ford,' 'The Talba,' 'De Foix,' etc. In Three Volumes. Bray , Anna Eliza
John Murray II [Albemarle] (London)
11127 A few weeks at Clairmont Castle: containing ... By Miss Pearson. Hofland , Barbara
Thomas Dean and Munday [35 Threadneedle Street] (London)
14587 A Journal of Eighteen Days Excursion on the Eastern and Southern Borders of Dartmoor, and on the Western Vicinity of Exmoor; Including Ilfracombe, Lynton, &c. By Miss Dixon, Author of “Castalian Hours,” &c. &c. Dixon , Sophie
14588 A Journal of Ten Days Excursion on the Western and Northern Borders of Dartmoor. By Miss Dixon, Author of “Castalian Hours,” &c. &c. Dixon , Sophie
13112 A legacy, or Widow's Mite, left by Alice Hayes, to her children and others: being a brief relation of her life. To which is added, the testimony of Tottenham Monthly Meeting concerning her. Fifth Edition. Hayes , Alice
Samuel Darton and Robert Harvey [1833-38] (London)
1836 Fifth Edition.
20 A Letter to the President and Members of the Geological Society, in answer to certain observations contained in Mr. Greenough's Anniversary address of 1834. By Mrs. Callcott. Graham , Maria
8550 A Marvellous Pleasant Love-Story. In Two Volumes. Wright , Elizabeth
Minerva Press, William Lane (London)
9235 A New-England Tale. From the Second American Edition, Revised and Corrected by the Author. Sedgwick , Catharine Maria
John Miller [69 Fleet Street] (London)
1822 From the Second American Edition, Revised and Corrected by the Author.
8945 A Peep into the Thuilleries; or, Parisian Manners: Including the Amours of Eugene de Rothelin. A Novel, in two volumes. By the Author of 'Adela de Senange'. Fileul , Adélaïde-Marie-Emilie
Michael Allen and Co. (London)
14583 A Picture of Monmouthshire, or an Abridgement of Mr. Coxe’s Historical Tour in Monmouthshire. By a Lady. Coxe , Emilia Henrietta
Coxe , William
Thomas Cadell and William Davies (London)
12286 A Poem Occasioned by the Partial Burning of York Cathedral: Most Respectfully Inscribed to the Citizens of York. Second edition. Dawson , Miss M. A.
William Oliphant (Edinburgh)
John Hatchard and Son [187 Piccadilly] (London)
Richard Moore Tims (Dublin)
Alexander Barclay [St. Saviourgate] (York)
1829 Second Edition.
12103 A Poem, in Answer to an Anonymous Pamphlet; in Three Letters, Called Friendly Hints to Catholic Emancipation. By Mary M'Coy. McCoy , Mary
9979 A Selection of Welsh Melodies, with Symphonies and Accompaniements by John Parry and characteristic words by Mrs Hemans. Hemans , Felicia
James Power (London)
13133 A Short Account of the experience of Mrs. H. A. Rogers. Written by herself. With a brief extract from her diary. Rogers , Hester Ann
Robert Napper (Dublin)
12221 A Short Account of the Life and Death of Miss Mary Mallitt . . . . Together with Her Letters, Reflections, and Poetry, upon Various Subjects Mallitt , Mary
William Baynes (Leeds)
10126 A short history of France: from the foundation of the empire by Pharamond to the restoration of Louis XVIII. Illustrated by 32 engravings, from original designs, and intended as a continuation of a series of historical books for children of the late Mrs. Trimmer, by her daughter, Mrs. Moore. Moore , Charlotte Trimmer
Baldwin, C. Cradock, and W. Joy (London)
12013 A Short System of Polite Learning: Being an Introduction to the Arts and Sciences, and other Branches of Useful Knowledge. The Sixth edition, improved. Weightman , Mary
John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] (London)
William Bent [55 Paternoster] (London)
1817 The Sixth Edition, improved.
14445 A Tour in the Isle of Wight, in the Autumn of 1820. Currente Calamo. Unknown ,
14584 A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hindostan; Comprising a Period between the Years 1804 and 1814: with Remarks and Authentic Anecdotes. To Which Is Annexed, a Guide up the River Ganges, with a Map from the Source to the Mouth. By A. D. Deane , Ann
Charles and John Rivington (London)
14813 A Tribute of Sorrow and Affection to the Memory of a Beloved Son, of Extraordinary Promise, who was Accidentally Drowned by falling from the Prince's Dock Pier-Head into the River Mersey, September 23, 1821, in the Sixteenth Year of his Age. By Ellen Robinson, authoress of A Poem on the Death of Spencer, &c. Embellished with Engravings done by the Late Thomas Robinson, the lamented Subject of the following Lines, in the former part of his Apprenticeship. Robinson , Ellen
11493 A Visit to Bonaparte, in Plymouth-Sound. With Another Piece Descriptive of Stoke Potts , Ethelinda Margaretta
G. Granville (Great Britain)
Samuel Rowe (Plymouth)
William Grey (Stonehouse)
8906 A Winter in Edinburgh; or, The Russian Brothers; A Novel. By H. Scott. Scott , Honoria
14450 A Young Englishman's First Residence in Jamaica. By a Widow. Unknown , [Woman]