ID 61
Title Prophecies. A warning to the Whole World, from the sealed prophecies of Joanna Southcott, and other Communications given since the Writings were opened on the 12th of January, 1803.
Contributors Southcott, Joanna (Author)
Signed Author from the sealed prophecies of Joanna Southcott
Firms Edward Spragg (Printer); E. J. Field (Bookseller); W. Simmonds (Bookseller); William Smith II [49 King Street] (Printer)
Self-published No
Volumes 1
Pagination ii, 128
Date of Publication 1803
Edition Statement
Edition Number 1
Date of First Publication 1803
Imprint Sold by E. J. Field, No. 3 Broad-Court, Long Acre; and W. Simmonds, Gandy's Lane, Exeter;—Price 2s. 6d.
Colophon Printed (verbatim) by W. Smith, King Street, Seven Dials, London. [after prefatory material]; Printed (verbatim) by E. Spragg, 27, Pow-Street, Covent-Garden, London. [after main body]
Location of Printing London GB
Format octavo (8vo)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Price (pound)
Price (shilling) 2
Price (pence) 6.0
Total Price (in pence) 24
Genre Religion/Biblical
Sources Orlando 23312
NSTC S3059
NCCO AOWCQC188263286
Notes Different printers indicated after prefatory material and main body.
Hand-Verified No
Attempted Verification No
Verified Yes

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