ID Title Contributors Firms Year Edition
13290 "'Tis all for the best," or, the history of Mrs. Simpson. More, Hannah (Author)
Watson, Ann (Bookseller)
Watson, Ann (Printer)
Ann Watson (Printer)
Ann Watson (Bookseller)
10021 A first or mother's dictionary for children: containing upwards of three thousand eight hundred words which occur most frequently in books and conversation: simply and familiarly explained, and interspersed throughout with occasional remarks: the whole adapted to the capacities of younger pupils. By Anna Brownwell Murphy. Jameson, Anna Brownwell (Author)
William Darton Junior [1810-1819] (Publisher)
James Adlard [Duke Street] (Printer)
12343 A New Book for the Improvement of Young Gentlemen and Ladies. Filial Duty, recommended and enforc'd, by a variety of instructive and entertaining stories, of children who have been remarkable for affection to their parents. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
12124 Complete History of England with Heads of 36 Kings and Queens Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
14683 Dorothea, or a Ray of the New Light. In Three Volumes. Bullock, Mrs. (Author)
George, George, and John Robinson (Publisher)
14682 Julia and the Illuminated Baron: A Novel Founded on Recent Facts, which have Transpired into the Course of the Late Revolution of Moral Principles in France. Wood, Sally Sayward Barrel Keating (Author)
14458 Letters on the improvement of the mind, with A letter to a new married lady, by Mrs. Champone. Chapone, Hester Mulso (Author)
12795 Nurse Truelove's New-Year's gift: or The book of books for children. Adorned with cuts. Unknown, (Author)
Thomas Carnan and Francis Newbery (Bookseller)
11750 Passages Selected by Distinguished Personages, on the Great Literary Trial of Vortigern and Rowena; a Comi-Tragedy. Volume IV. Third Edition. Dudley, Lady Mary (Author)
Dudley, Sir Henry Bate (Author)
James Ridgway [170 Piccadilly] (Publisher)
15757 Popular Tales, Lives, and Adventures, Volume II. Unknown, (Author)
Lemoine, Ann (Publisher)
Ann Lemoine (Publisher)
15758 Popular Tales, Lives, and Adventures, Volume III. Unknown, (Author)
Lemoine, Ann (Publisher)
Ann Lemoine (Publisher)
15759 Popular Tales, Lives, and Adventures, Volume IV. Unknown, (Author)
Lemoine, Ann (Publisher)
Ann Lemoine (Publisher)
13870 Proposals for printing by subscription, a second edition (with additions) of Miscellanies in prose and verse. The first edition being entirely distributed. And also the memoirs of Mrs. Catherine Jemmat, daughter of the late Admiral YEO, of Plymouth, written by herself. Jemmat, Catherine (Author)
12207 The Chronicle of the Kings of England, from the Norman Conquest unto the Present Time. By R. Dodsley. A New Edition Enlarged. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Dodsley, Robert (Author)
Thomas Vernor and Hood [Birchin Lane] (Publisher)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
12586 The History of Prince Lee Boo A Native of the Pelew Islands. Brought to England by Captn. Wilson. A New Edition. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, [Man] (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
14940 The Honey Moon; a Comedy, in Five Acts; by John Tobin, Esq. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Printed under the authority of the managers from the prompt book. With remarks by Mrs. Inchbald. Inchbald, Elizabeth (Introducer)
Tobin, John (Author)
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (Publisher)
James Ballantyne and Co. (Printer)
13731 The midnight bell, or the Abbey of St. Francis. An original romance. By the authoress of Alphonso and Elinor; Three Ghosts of the Forest, &c. Kemmish, Ann (Printer)
Unknown, [Woman] (Author)
J. Ker (Publisher)
Nathaniel and John Muggeridge (Publisher)
Ann Kemmish (Printer)
and 4 more.
12092 The Pilgrim's Progress. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Bunyan, John (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
12093 The Pilgrim's Progress. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Bunyan, John (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
12822 The Poetical Flower Basket being a selection of approved and entertaining pieces of poetry, calculated for young minds. Embellished with cuts, Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
13584 Thoughts on the Impending Invasion of England. By W. Fox. Gurney, Martha (Bookseller)
Fox, William (Author)
Martha Gurney (Bookseller)
13264 Thrummy Cap; A Tale. To which is added, young whip stitch, and the gig demolished. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia (Author)
M. Randall (Printer)
M. Randall (Bookseller)
12920 A Collection of the Most Approved Entertaining Stories, calculated for the instruction and amusement of all the little masters and misses in this vast empire. By Solomon Winlove, Esq. A new edition. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
James Cundee, Albion Press (Printer)
12429 A Guide to the Study of the History of England. In a series of questions upon Goldsmith's abridgement. Composed for the use of the young ladies at Assembly-House Boarding School, Laytonstone, Essex. By M. Florian. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Florian, Jolly B. (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
13523 A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad english: or, an easy guide to speaking and writing the english language properly and correctly. Containing, I. orthography, or true spelling ; which treats of the sounds ; and uses of the several letters in all positions ; of the division of words into syllables ; and the use of points. II. prosody, or the art of pronouncing syllables in words truly ; with tables of words properly accented. III. etymology, or the kinds of words ; which explains the several parts of speech ; their derivations and different endings, change and likeness to one another. IV. Syntax, or construction ; which teaches how to connect words aright in a sentence or sentences. To which is added a curious and useful appendix. By A. Fisher. A new edition, enlarged and much improved. Fisher, Ann (Author)
Andrew Millar (Publisher)
Thomas Wilson and Robert Spence (Publisher)
W. Law (Publisher)
and 1 more.