ID 2580
Name George Keith
Gender Unknown
Street Address the Bible and Crown, Grace Church Street
City London
Start Date 1749
End Date 1782


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Bookseller A letter on the divine eternal sonship of Jesus Christ: As the Second Person in the Ever-Blessed Three-One God. occasioned by the perusal of Mr. Romaine's sermon on John viii. 24. entitled, A discourse upon the self-existence of Jesus Christ. With three letters on assurance of interest in Christ: As that which belongs unto the Reflex, and not to the Direct Act of Faith; and rather unto the Spirit's Sealing, than to the Soul's first Act of Believing. Written as the author's thoughts, o n part of Mr. Marshal's Book, Entitled, The gospel-mystery of sanctification. And two letters on the gift of the Holy Spirit to believers, as a Sealer, and his being to them as such, the Earnest of their Inheritance. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Bookseller Christ only exalted: from Exekiel xxi. 26, 27. It is the spirit of Christ, that taketh of things of his, and sheweth them unto us E. , T. (Author)
Winbush , Mrs. (Bookseller)
Lewis [London] , Mary (Bookseller)
Bookseller Three letters on I. The marks of a child of God. II. The Soul-Diseases of God's Children; and their Soul-Remedies. And III. God's Prohibition of his Peoples unbelieving Fear; and his great Promise given for the Support of their Faith, unto their Time-Joy, and Eternal Glory. By one who has tasted that the Lord is gracious. Dutton , Anne (Author)
Publisher A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English; containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into the other. To which end many things that were erroneous, are rectified, many superfluities retrenched, and very many defects supplied. And all suited to the meanest capacities, in a plainer method than heretofore; being for ease reduced into an alphabetical order, and explained in the mother tongue. And towards the compleating the English part (which hath been long desired) here are added thousands of words, phrases, proverbs, proper names, and many other useful things mentioned in the preface to the work. The seventeenth edition, with large additions. By Elisha Coles, late of Magdalen-College, Oxon. Coles , Elisha (Author)
Hawes , Lacy (Publisher)
Ware , Catherine (Publisher)
and 4 more.
Publisher The miscellaneous works, in prose and verse, of Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe: Published by her Order, By Mr. Theophilus Rowe. To which are added, poems on several occasions, by Mr. Thomas Rowe. And to the Whole is prefixed, An Account of the Lives and Writings of the Authors. ... . The fifth edition, corrected. To which is added, The history of Joseph, a Poem in Ten Books. Rowe , Elizabeth Singer (Author)
Rowe , Theophilus (Introducer)
Publisher Some account of the life and death of Miss Susanna Turner, (who departed this world July 14, 1672, aged 14.) Written by her mother, Mrs. Dorothy Turner. Taken from a Manuscript found amongst the Papers of her late Grandson, Richard Turner, of Hatton Garden, Esq. and attested, under his own Hand, to be Genuine. To which are annexed some extracts from the letters of Mr. Newton to Mrs. Turner, and from two poems written by Mrs. Turner. Turner , Dorothy (Author)
Lewis [London] , Mary (Publisher)
Publisher Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Tragedy, Written by William Shakspeare, Marked with the Variations in the Manager’s Book, At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. Shakespeare , William (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)

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