Name The English Novel, 1800–1829 & 1830–1836: Update 7 (August 2009–July 2020)
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A list of updates to the second volume of The English Novel, 1770–1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction published in the British Isles (Oxford: OUP, 2000), co-edited by Peter Garside and Rainer Schöwerling, with the assistance of Christopher Skelton-Foord and Karin Wünsche.


Belanger, Jacqueline, Peter Garside, Anthony Mandal, and Sharon Ragaz. The English Novel, 1800–1829 & 1830–1836 : Update 7. 


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
8819 Alphonso; or, The Natural Son. By Madme. de Genlis, author of Sainclair, The Siege of Rochelle, The Recollections of Felicia, The Earl of Cork, &c. &c. Translated from the French. In three volumes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
Henry Colburn [Conduit Street] (London)
8785 Christina; or, Memoirs of a German Princess. By the Author of Caroline of Lichtfield. In two volumes. de Montolieu , Isabelle
Henry Colburn [Conduit Street] (London)
14609 Dolgorucki And Menzikof. A Russian Tale. In Two Volumes. From the German Of Augustus La Fontaine. Lafontaine , August Heinrich Julius
Lane, Newman, and Co. (London)
2408 Edwardina, a novel. In two volumes. Dedicated to Mrs. Souter Johnston. By Catherine Harris. Kelly , Isabella
416 Elizabeth de Bruce. By the Author of Clan-Albin. In three volumes. Johnstone , Christian Isobel
Thomas Cadell Jun. (London)
William Blackwood [Princes Street] (Edinburgh)
14632 Elizabeth; or, The Exiles of Siberia. A Tale, Founded on Facts. From the French of Mad. Cottin. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud
G. and W. Appleyard (London)
Oddy and Co. (London)
W. Oddy (London)
9381 Emma De Lissau; A Narrative of Striking Vicissitudes, and Peculiar Trials; With Notes, Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Jews. By the author of "Sophia De Lissau," "Elizabeth Allen," &c. &c. In two volumes. Second Edition. Bristow , Amelia
Thomas Gardiner and Son (London)
1829 Second Edition.
14631 Fashions Fool, or, The Cottage of Merlin Vale. A Novel Founded on Facts: Interspersed with Pieces of Poetry by the Late Isabella Morrington. Morrington , Isabella
Unknown , [Woman]
14610 Hermann and Emilia, a Novel. From the German of Augustus La Fontaine. In Four Volumes. Lafontaine , August Heinrich Julius
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (London)
14633 Mornton. A Novel. Second Edition. Cullen , Margaret
Thomas Wilson and Sons (York)
Joseph Mawman [Ludgate] (London)
1815 Second Edition
14630 Penruddock, a Tale. By the Author of 'Waltzburg'. In three volumes. Unknown , [Woman]
Whittaker and Co. (London)
1341 Richard of York; Or, “The White Rose of England.” In Three Volumes. Norton , Caroline Elizabeth Sarah
Henry Fisher, Son, & P. Jackson (London)
9088 The Blind Beggar; or The Fountain of St. Catherine. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Ducray Dumenil, author of Julien, or My Father's House; Little Chimer; Tales of Mystery; Victor, or Child of the Forest, &c. &c. Ducray-Duménil , François-Guillaume
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
8360 The Duchess of La Valliere. An historical romance. By Madame de Genlis. Translated from the French. In two volumes. du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
John Murray II [Fleet Street] (London)
9197 The Midnight Wanderer; or A Legend of the Houses of Altenberg and Lindendorf. A Romance. In four volumes. By Margaret Campbell. Hall , Agnes [Miss]
A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
14611 The Novice of Saint Ursala. By the Author of "A Tale of Mystery," "Jeanette," &c. In Four Volumes. Ducray-Duménil , François-Guillaume
Henry Colburn [Conduit Street] (London)
6758 The old woman. A novel. In two volumes. By the author of The horrors of Oakendale Abbey. Carver , Mrs.
Minerva Press, William Lane (London)
1391 The Pauper Boy; Or, the Ups and Downs of Life. A Novel. By Rosalia St. Clair, Author of Banker’s Daughters of Bristol; First and Last Years of Wedded Life; Eleanor Ogilvie; Ulrica of Saxony; Son of O’Donnel; Soldier Boy; Sailor Boy; Fashionables and Unfashionables; Clavering Tower; Doomed One; &C. In Three Volumes. Hall , Agnes
A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
9433 The Phantom; or, Mysteries of the Castle. A Tale of Other Times. By the Late Mrs. Mathews, of the Theatres Royal, York and Hull. Mathews , Eliza Kirkham
Baldwin, C. Cradock, and W. Joy (London)
Issac Wilson (Hull)
774 The Saxon and the Gael; or, The Northern Metropolis: including a view of the Lowland and Highland Character. In Four Volumes. Johnstone , Christian Isobel
Thomas Tegg [111 Cheapside] (London)
T. Dick (Edinburgh)
8234 The Son Of O'Donnel. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Rosalia St. Clair, author of The Blind Beggar, &c. Hall , Agnes
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
8529 The Victim of Friendship; a German Romance. By Sophia King, Author of Trifles from Helicon; Waldorf, or the Dangers of Philosophy; and Cordelia, a Romance of Real Life. King Fortnum , Sophia
Robert Dutton [Birchin Lane] (London)
14629 Waltzburg: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century. Unknown , [Woman]
Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. (London)