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1 The Young Crusoe; or, The Shipwrecked Boy, containing an account of his shipwreck, and residence for several months alone, upon an uninhabited island Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Anthony King Newman and Co. (Publisher)
2 The Monmouth-Street Cap. Being a Close Fit for Many Small Heads as well as Great Ones Beverley , Elizabeth (Author)
Thomas Denham (Printer)
1819 1
3 Life of Carsten Niebuhr Austin , Sarah (Author)
Robert Baldwin and Charles Cradock (Publisher)
1833 2
4 The Alderman and The Peer; or, The Ancient Castle & Modern Villa. In Three Volumes. By Miss Byron, author of The Englishwoman, Hours of Affluence and Days of Indigence, &c. Byron , Medora Gordon (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1810 1
5 Harrington, A Tale; and, Ormond, A Tale. In Three Volumes. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Comic Dramas, Tales of Fashionable Life, &c. &c. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Edgeworth , Richard Lovell (Introducer)
Rowland Hunter (Publisher)
Robert Baldwin, Charles Cradock, and William Joy (Publisher)
Henry Bryer [Bridge Street] (Printer)
1817 1
6 The Spinster's Journal. In Three Volumes. By a Modern Antique, author of Celia in Search of a Husband, English Exposé, &c. Byron , Medora Gordon (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1816 1
7 Lays for the Dead. By Amelia Opie. Opie , Amelia (Author)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman (Publisher)
Wilkin and Fletcher (Printer)
1834 1
8 Rachel. A Tale. Taylor , Jane (Author)
John Taylor and James Augustus Hessey (Publisher)
1817 1
9 John Hopkins's Notions on Political Economy. By the author of "Conversations on Chemistry, Political Economy." &c. &c. Marcet , Jane (Author)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman (Publisher)
Andrew and Robert Spottiswoode [New Street Square] (Printer)
1833 1
10 The Fugitive; or, Family Incidents. In Three Volumes. By the author of Private History of the Court of England, Romance Readers and Romance Writers, &c. &c. Green , Sarah (Author)
Black , Hannah (Publisher)
Hannah Black, Parry, & Co. (Publisher)
1814 1
11 The Merchant's Widow and Her Family. By the Author of The Officer's Widow and Her Family; Clergyman's Widow and Family; Daughter-in-Law, &c. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Anthony King Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1823 4
12 Francesca Carrara. By the author of Romance and Reality. Landon , Letitia Elizabeth (Author)
Richard Bentley (Publisher)
James Moyes [Greville St] (Printer)
1834 1
13 Sherwood Forest; or, Northern Adventures. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Villa-Real Gooch. Gooch , Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real (Author)
Samuel Highley [24 Fleet] (Publisher)
1804 1
14 The Poet's Child. A Tragedy, in Five Acts Hill , Isabel (Author)
John Warren (Publisher)
1820 1
15 Answer to Mr. Brother's book, published in Sept., 1806, and observations on his former writing; also a letter sent to Mr. Huntington Southcott , Joanna (Author)
Samuel Kent Rousseau (Printer)
17 Vicissitudes Abroad; or, The Ghost of My Father. A Novel. In Six Volumes. By Mrs. Bennet, author of Anna; Juvenile Indiscretions; Agnes de Courci; Ellen; Beggar Girl, &c. Bennett , Anna Maria (Author)
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (Publisher)
1806 1
18 Appeal to the Hearts and Consciences of British Women Heyrick , Elizabeth (Author)
Albert Cockshaw (Publisher)
Albert Cockshaw (Bookseller)
John Hatchard and Son [187 Piccadilly] (Bookseller)
1828 1
19 The Scotish Minstrel. A Selection from the Vocal Melodies of Scotland, ancient and modern, arranged for the Voice and Piano Forte by R. A. Smith Oliphant , Carolina (Author)
Smith , Robert Archibald (Editor)
Robert Purdie (Publisher)
20 A Letter to the President and Members of the Geological Society, in answer to certain observations contained in Mr. Greenough's Anniversary address of 1834. By Mrs. Callcott. Graham , Maria (Author)
Thomas Brettell (Printer)
1834 1
22 A Collection of Songs and Poems on Several Occasions. By Isabel Pagan. Pagan , Isabel (Author)
Niven, Napier and Khull (Printer)
23 Tales of Fashionable Life, by Miss Edgeworth, author of Practical Education, Belinda, Castle Rackrent, Essay on Irish Bulls, &c. In three volumes. Edgeworth , Maria (Author)
Edgeworth , Richard Lovell (Introducer)
Joseph Johnson (Publisher)
Samuel Hamilton [Weybridge] (Printer)
Charles Wood and Innes (Printer)
and 1 more.
1809 1
24 The Reformist!!! A Serio-Comic Political Novel. In Two Volumes. Green , Sarah (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1810 1
25 St. Clair of the Isles: Or, The Outlaws of Barra, A Scottish Tradition. By Elizabeth Helme. In Four Volumes. Helme , Elizabeth (Author)
Thomas Norton Longman And Owen Rees (Publisher)
Andrew Strahan [1788-1806, 1817-1831] (Printer)
1803 1
27 Raphael; or, Peaceful Life. In Two Volumes. Translated from the German of Augustus Lafontaine. By Mrs. Green. Author of The Royal Exile; Romance Readers and Romance Writers; Reformist; Private History of the Court of England &C. &C. Lafontaine , August Heinrich Julius (Author)
Green , Sarah (Translator)
James Taylor and Co. (Publisher)
T. Wallis (Printer)
1812 1
28 Speech of the Member for Odium Fanshawe , Catherine (Author)
Roake & Varty (Publisher)