ID Title Contributors Firms Year Edition
1 The Young Crusoe; or, The Shipwrecked Boy, containing an account of his shipwreck, and residence for several months alone, upon an uninhabited island Hofland, Barbara (Author)
A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
2 The Monmouth-Street Cap. Being a Close Fit for Many Small Heads as well as Great Ones Beverley, Elizabeth (Author)
Thomas Denham (Printer)
1819 1
3 Life of Carsten Niebuhr Austin, Sarah (Author)
Baldwin and C. Cradock (Publisher)
1833 2
4 The Alderman and The Peer; or, The Ancient Castle & Modern Villa. In Three Volumes. By Miss Byron, author of The Englishwoman, Hours of Affluence and Days of Indigence, &c. Byron, Medora Gordon (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1810 1
5 Harrington, A Tale; and, Ormond, A Tale. In Three Volumes. By Maria Edgeworth, Author of Comic Dramas, Tales of Fashionable Life, &c. &c. Edgeworth, Maria (Author)
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell (Introducer)
Rowland Hunter (Publisher)
Baldwin, C. Cradock, and W. Joy (Publisher)
Henry Bryer [Bridge Street] (Printer)
1817 1
6 The Spinster's Journal. In Three Volumes. By a Modern Antique, author of Celia in Search of a Husband, English Exposé, &c. Byron, Medora Gordon (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1816 1
7 Lays for the Dead. By Amelia Opie. Opie, Amelia (Author)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman (Publisher)
Wilkin and Fletcher (Printer)
1834 1
8 Rachel. A Tale. Taylor, Jane (Author)
John Taylor and James Augustus Hessey (Publisher)
1817 1
9 John Hopkins's Notions on Political Economy. By the author of "Conversations on Chemistry, Political Economy." &c. &c. Marcet, Jane (Author)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman (Publisher)
Andrew and Robert Spottiswoode [New Street Square] (Printer)
1833 1
10 The Fugitive; or, Family Incidents. In Three Volumes. By the author of Private History of the Court of England, Romance Readers and Romance Writers, &c. &c. Green, Sarah (Author)
Black, Hannah (Publisher)
Hannah Black, Parry, & Co. (Publisher)
1814 1
11 The Merchant's Widow and Her Family. By the Author of The Officer's Widow and Her Family; Clergyman's Widow and Family; Daughter-in-Law, &c. Hofland, Barbara (Author)
A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1823 4
12 Francesca Carrara. By the author of Romance and Reality. Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (Author)
Richard Bentley (Publisher)
James Moyes (Printer)
1834 1
13 Sherwood Forest; or, Northern Adventures. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Villa-Real Gooch. Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real (Author)
Samuel Highley [24 Fleet] (Publisher)
1804 1
14 The Poet's Child. A Tragedy, in Five Acts Hill, Isabel (Author)
John Warren (Publisher)
1820 1
15 Answer to Mr. Brother's book, published in Sept., 1806, and observations on his former writing; also a letter sent to Mr. Huntington Southcott, Joanna (Author)
Samuel Kent Rousseau (Printer)
17 Vicissitudes Abroad; or, The Ghost of My Father. A Novel. In Six Volumes. By Mrs. Bennet, author of Anna; Juvenile Indiscretions; Agnes de Courci; Ellen; Beggar Girl, &c. Bennett, Anna Maria (Author)
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (Publisher)
1806 1
18 Appeal to the Hearts and Consciences of British Women Heyrick, Elizabeth (Author)
Albert Cockshaw (Publisher)
Albert Cockshaw (Bookseller)
John Hatchard and Son [187 Piccadilly] (Bookseller)
1828 1
19 The Scotish Minstrel. A Selection from the Vocal Melodies of Scotland, ancient and modern, arranged for the Voice and Piano Forte by R. A. Smith Oliphant, Carolina (Author)
Smith, Robert Archibald (Editor)
Robert Purdie (Publisher)
20 A Letter to the President and Members of the Geological Society, in answer to certain observations contained in Mr. Greenough's Anniversary address of 1834. By Mrs. Callcott. Graham, Maria (Author)
Thomas Brettell (Printer)
1834 1
22 A Collection of Songs and Poems on Several Occasions. By Isabel Pagan. Pagan, Isabel (Author)
Niven, Napier and Khull (Printer)
23 Tales of Fashionable Life, by Miss Edgeworth, author of Practical Education, Belinda, Castle Rackrent, Essay on Irish Bulls, &c. In three volumes. Edgeworth, Maria (Author)
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell (Introducer)
Joseph Johnson (Publisher)
Samuel Hamilton [Weybridge] (Printer)
Charles Wood and Innes (Printer)
and 1 more.
1809 1
24 The Reformist!!! A Serio-Comic Political Novel. In Two Volumes. Green, Sarah (Author)
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
1810 1
25 St. Clair of the Isles: Or, The Outlaws of Barra, A Scottish Tradition. By Elizabeth Helme. In Four Volumes. Helme, Elizabeth (Author)
Thomas Norton Longman And Owen Rees (Publisher)
Andrew Strahan [1788-1806, 1817-1831] (Printer)
1803 1
27 Raphael; or, Peaceful Life. In Two Volumes. Translated from the German of Augustus Lafontaine. By Mrs. Green. Author of The Royal Exile; Romance Readers and Romance Writers; Reformist; Private History of the Court of England &C. &C. Green, Sarah (Translator)
Lafontaine, August Heinrich Julius (Author)
James Taylor and Co. (Publisher)
T. Wallis (Printer)
1812 1
28 Speech of the Member for Odium Fanshawe, Catherine (Author)
Roake & Varty (Publisher)