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6213 An exhortation or warning to the inhabitants of Woodbridge, and the villages adjacent, by a well-wisher. Many are the faithful warnings, which, through the mercies of God, have been handed down to us in the various ages of the world, by men inspired to communicate what their eyes had seen, their ears heard, and their hands handled, of the good word of God. ... Maw , Mary
24066 Arthur Squire, attorney at law ---- appellant. Dame Rachael Pearshall ... respondent. The respondent's case. Rachael , Pearshall
13255 Auld Robin Gray, A favorite Scotch Ballad. Barnard , Anne Lindsay
1682 Cambridge. A poem. Christian , Ann
2303 Catalogue of stars, taken from Mr. Flamsteed's observations contained in the second volume of the Historia cœlestis, and not inserted in the British catalogue. With an index, to Point out Every Observation in that Volume Belonging to the Stars of the British Catalogue. To which is added, a collection of errata that should be noticed in the same volume. By Carolina Herschel. With introductory and explanatory remarks to each of them. By William Herschel, Lld. F. R. S. Published by Order, and at the Expence, of the Royal Society. Herschel , Caroline
3919 Cheap Repository the good militia man, or, The man that's worth a host. Being, a new song, by honest Dan, the ploughboy, now turned soldier. More , Hannah
6270 Come Royal George, and all thy Court, come see our pastime, see our sport Sudley , Mary
1245 Eighteen Hundred and Eleven: A Poem. By Anna Letitia Barbauld. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia
Joseph Johnson (London)
2194 George Montgomerie-Moir, of Leckie, Esq; - - - - appellant. Anne Montgomerie, and Mess. Alexander and Archibald Stevenson, procurators fiscal of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, for their interest, - - - - - - - - - - respondents. The respondents case. Moir , Anne Montgomery
24852 Here’s a Health to Those Far Away, a Song with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte, the Words by the Author Of “My Love to War Is Going.” Music by Edward Smith Biggs. Opie , Amelia
24946 His Grace the Duke of Marlborough's Letter to the Rt. Hon. Mr. Secretary Harley, together with other Letters which passed between His Grace and the Deputies of the States-General and the Three States of Barbant, the Magistrates of Brussels, &c. Published by Authority. Churchill , John
Mary Jones [Savoy] (London)
2042 House of Lords. Appeal from an order of the court of Exchequer. The Most Noble Anna Eliza, Duchess Dowager of Chandos, and ... Anna Eliza Bridges, an infant ... appellants. James Stephens Brownlow, ... George, Despard, Caleb Carden, and William Carden, ... respondents. The case of the respondents. Brydges , Anna Eliza
1862 House of Lords. Mary Ann Hoare, otherwise Vincent, otherwise Newcomen, wife of the respondent Bartholemew Hoare, by Catharine Newcomen, of the city of Dublin, widow, her mother and next friend, appellant. Bartholemew Hoare, esquire, and the honourable Simon Butler, respondents. The appellant's case. Newcomen , Catharine
2044 House of Lords. The Most Noble Anna Eliza Duchess Dowager of Chandos, a lunatic, by Sir Richard Gamon, bart. her only brother, and sole committee of her person, and joint committee, with James Henry Leigh, Esquire, of her estate, appellant. The Right Honourable Anna Eliza Brydges, commonly called Lady Anna Eliza Brydges, an infant, by the Honourable Sir Francis Buller, baronet, her next friend, - - - respondent. The case of the appellant. Brydges , Anna Eliza
2043 House of Lords. The Most Noble Anna Eliza, Duchess Dowager of Chandos, and ... Anna Eliza Bridges, an infant ... appellants. James Stephens Brownlow, ... George, Despard, Caleb Carden, and William Carden, ... respondents. The case of the appellants. Brydges , Anna Eliza
24853 How Months Unfelt Have Vanish’d, a Favorite Duet, Selected from the 4th Set of Venetian Airs, the Words Written to It by Mrs. Opie. Music by Edward Smith Biggs. Opie , Amelia
24855 I Do Not Love Thee, the Words by Mrs. Opie, the Music Composed by G.A. Barker. Music by G.A. Barker. Opie , Amelia
24856 I Know You False, I Know You Vain, a Ballad, Written by Mrs. Opie, the Music by Wesley Doyle Esqr. Music by Wesley Doyle, London: Chappell & Co. Opie , Amelia
13445 In the dead of the night. A favourite song. Sung by Mrs. Jordan, at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, in the comedy of The wedding day. Inchbald , Elizabeth
Domenico Corri, Jan Dussek and Co. (London)
6779 In the dead of the night. Sung by Mrs. Jordan, in The wedding day. Inchbald , Elizabeth
John Bond (London)
25055 Introduction to the Art of Cutting Groups of Figures, Flowers, Birds, &c, in Black Paper. Townshend , Barbara Anne
Edward Orme (London)
1656 Lessons and instructions for playing on the guitar. By Miss Ford. Thicknesse , Ann
15728 Malice Defeated: Or a Brief Relation of the Accusation and Deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier, Wherein her Proceedings both before and during her Confinement, are particularly Related, and the Mystery of the Meal-Tub fully discovered. Together with an Abstract of her Arraignment and Tryal, written by her self, for the satisfaction of all Lovers of undisguised Truth. Cellier , Elizabeth
Elizabeth Cellier (London)
3125 Mar Lodge. Written by Elizabeth, August 16, 1792. , Elizabeth
7029 Mrs. Susan's second letter to Doctor Grub, knight of the antient order of the pestle, and author of the Three Letters to the people of England. , Mrs. Susan