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4581 Ode to peace by Helen-Maria Williams. Williams , Helen Maria
5097 On the fast day, 1797, the following was given to Joanna Southcott, in answer to the Rev. J. Pomeroy. ... Southcott , Joanna
24917 Polemical tracts; or a collection of papers written in defence of the doctrines and discipline of the Church of England. To which are added a short exposition upon the church-catechism, and a sermon concerning the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. By Henry Stubbing, M. A. Rector of Garboldisham in Norfolk Stebbing , Henry
2469 Proposals for printing by subscription reliques of Irish poetry: Consisting of heroic tales, odes, elegies, and songs, translated into English verse, with notes explanatory and historical; to which will be subjoined a legendary tale. By Miss Brooke. Brooke , Charlotte
13739 Put money in your purse, or, The golden rule. A conversation-piece, not in painting, but poesy. A satire with notes. Unknown ,
Anne Dodd II (London)
7772 Remarks on the strictures on the address of Mr. Windham. Unknown ,
23787 Six Welch Airs Adapted to English Words, and Harmonized for Two, Three, and Four, Voices, with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte or Harp. Opie , Amelia
Robert Birchall (London)
13446 Sonnet the rose that weeps as sung by Mr. Bowden with an accompaniment for the pianoforte. The words from Mrs. Radcliffe's Romance of the Forest Composed by Reginald Spofforth. Radcliffe , Ann
25058 Studies of Fruit and Flowers, painted from nature, painted from nature, and engraved by T.L. Busby, printed in colours by B. M'Queen Rudolph Ackermann (London)
2367 The case of Mrs. Catherine Forman, of London. Forman , Catherine
22854 The citizen's procession, or, The smugler's success and the patriots disappointment. Being an excellent new ballad on the excise-bill. Unknown ,
Anne Dodd I (London)
25095 The curious maid, a tale. Hildebrand , John
25115 The Duel; a poem: inscribed to the Right Honourable W- - - - -P- - - -y Esq; Unknown ,
A. Moore (London)
1731 The second edition.
24951 The Equity of Parnassus: A Poem. Unknown ,
Charles Corbett (London)
24848 The Evening Call of the Swiss Pastors, Harmonized and Arranged as a Gleee: For Three Voices by Mr Biggs; the Words Written and Adapted to the Music by Mrs. Opie. Opie , Amelia
Robert Birchall (London)
11891 The Fables of John Dryden, ornamented with engravings from the pencil of the Right Hon. Lady Diana Beauclerc. Dryden , John
James Edwards (London)
Edward Harding [98 Pall Mall] (London)
24971 The fatigues of a great man, or, the plague of serving one's country. A satyr. Unknown ,
24921 The first part of the institutes of the laws of England: or, a commentary upon Littleton, Not the Name of the Author only, but of the Law it self. Coke , Edward
Robert Gosling (London)
Henry Lintot (London)
1738 The Twelfth Edition, (carefully corrected from the Errors of the former Impressions) With two new Tables; and many References to the Modern Law Cases, never printed before.
25130 The first satire of the second book of Horace, imitated in a dialogue between Alexander Pope, of Twickenham in Com. Midd. Esq; on the one part, and his learned council on the other. Pope , Alexander
Lawton Gilliver (London)
12515 The Fresh-water Fishes of Great Britain, drawn and described by Mrs. T. Edward Bowdich. Lee , Sarah Bowdich
Rudolph Ackermann (London)
24940 The Gentleman’s Recreations: in Three Parts. The first part contains a short and easie introduction to all the liberal arts and sciences, &c. The second treats of horsemanship, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, agriculture, &c. Done from the most Authentick Authors, especially several lately Printed at Paris, as may be seen in the Preface; with great Enlargements, made by those well Experienced in the respective Recreations. The third is a compleat body of all our forest, chace, and game-laws, as they are at this Time. The whole illustrated with near an hundred copper-cuts relating to several Subjects, particular all Sorts of Nets, Engines, Traps, &c. are added for the Taking of Wild-Beasts, Fowl, Fish, &c. not hitherto Publish'd by any. The Second Edition Corrected, with near one half of additions. Rebecca Bonwicke (London)
John Walthoe II (Cornhill)
William Freeman (London)
Timothy Goodwin (London)
Matthew Wotton (London)
Benjamin Tooke I (London)
John Nicholson (London)
Samuel Manship (Cornhill)
Richard Parker (Cornhill)
Ralph Smith III (London)
1709 The Second Edition Corrected, with near one half of additions.
7516 The Honourable Mrs. Osborne's, letter, to the Lords of the Admiralty, ... Osborn , Sarah
2463 The ladies history of England; from the descent of Julius Cæsar, to the summer of 1780. Calculated for the use of the ladies of Great-Britain and Ireland; and likewise adapted to general use, entertainment, and instruction. By Charlotte Cowley. Cowley , Charlotte
3374 The last dying words and confession of Elizabeth Johnson, who was executed at Tyburn near York, on Saturday the 23d of August 1800, for uttering a forged pound note, purporting to be drawn by the Governor of the Company of the Bank of England; also, for uttering two counterfeit half-guineas, and also for having in her possession other forged notes, counterfeit half-guineas, and seven shilling pieces. Johnson , Elizabeth
Samuel Tupman [Long Row] (Nottingham)
23188 The last speech, confession and warning, of Margaret Dickson, who was execute in the Grass-Mercat of Edinburgh, for the unnatural murder of her own child, on Wednesday the 2d of September 1724. Dickson , Margaret