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1704 [A] catalogue of books, containing a great variety in most languages, arts, and sciences; Which will begin to be sold (for ready money,) at the prices printed in the catalogue; on Friday, July 17th, 1789, at the shop of Ann Ireland, bookseller and printer, opposite the assembly room, Leicester. (Who gives the full value for any library, or parcel of books.) Ireland , Ann
14255 A catalogue of books being the entire library of the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert Downes, Lord Bishop of Raphoe, deceas'd, to be sold by auction, at the Coffee-House of the Right Honourable the House of Lords, on Monday the 23d of January, 1764. The hours of sale from twelve o'clock to three each day, untill all are sold. Catalogues to be had of William Ross's bookseller in Grafton-Street. 1764
14254 A catalogue of books; being the collections of H. Cuningham, Esq; and a member of parliament, deceased. To be sold by auction, by William Ross, Dick's Coffee-House in Skinner-Row. On Monday the 18th of February, 1760. The sale to begin every evening at six o'clock. Catalogues to be had at the place of sale. The conditions of sale as usual. 1760
14844 A Catalogue of Tracts. 1790
14490 A list of the regiments which compose the present establishment of Ireland. With the officers names, [...] With a general abstract of the forces on this establishment, [...] To which is added, a list of the general and field officers [...] And the succession of colonels [...] to September 1760. Unknown ,
5695 A new catalogue of books, consisting of several thousand volumes, upon the most useful and entertaining subjects, which are lent out, at ten shillings per year, ... By Margaret Yair, ... Yair , Margaret
6968 A series of books for teaching, by Mrs. Lovechild Fenn , Ellenor
16323 Agricultural memoirs. Just published and for sale by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, and most of the booksellers, also at Bernard M'Mahon's seed store, no. 39, South Second Street, Philadelphia; price $2 50, Memoirs of the Agricultural Society of Philadelphia Jane Aitken [71 North Third Street] (Philadelphia)
6729 An introductory letter to the publick. To which is added, the author's reasons for publishing it at this time. By Mrs. O Rorke. Rorke , Mrs. O.
14214 Catalogue of books: being, the library of Samuel Card, Esq; counsellor at law, deceased: consisting of above three thousand volumes of choice, scarce and valuable books, in most languages and faculties. To be sold by auction, by William Ross, at the coffee-house of the Right Honourable the House of Lords, on Monday, the seventeenth of November, 1755. The sale to begin every day at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Catalogues to be had at the place of sale, price three-pence. N.B. The books are in fine condition, and most of them elegantly bound, and collated by Mr. Card. 1755
1680 Catalogue of the books, tracts, &c. contained in Ann Yearsley's public library, No.4, Crescent, Hotwells. Yearsley , Ann
24844 Catalogue of the books, tracts, &c. contained in Ann Yearsley's public library, No.4, Crescent, Hotwells. Yearsley , Ann
Ann Yearsley (Bristol)
20787 Census directory for 1811. Containing the names, occupations, & residence of the inhabitants of the city, Southwark & Northern Liberties, a separate division being allotted to persons of colour; to which is annexed an appendix containing much useful information, and a perpetual calendar. 1811
18147 First annual report of the Ladies' New-York City Anti-Slavery Society Unknown , [Woman]
Warren Weston , Anne
Ladies' New York City Anti-Slavery Society (New York City)
3907 First time of Mademoiselle d'Eon's fencing in Stroud. For one night only. By permission. On Wednesday evening, September 16, ... in the Assembly Room, at the George, Stroud, the celebrated Chevaliere d'Eon will make a grand assault d'armes, ... d'Éon de Beaumont , Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée
13727 I respectfully beg permission to inform you, that I have (just arrived from America) a curious collection of snakes, of the following description.... 1790
5305 Lines sent to Mr. Walpole, by an anonymous author, after viewing the curiosities at Strawberry Hill, 1790. Burrell , Sophia
6713 Mrs. Buckham, (wife to the Chaplain of the London-Hospital,) candidate for the Office of Matron, in the room of Mrs. Guion, resigned, begs leave to solicit your vote and interest. ... s.n.
6852 Mrs. Field respectfully informs the nobility and gentry of Margate, Ramsgate, and their vicinity, that her benefit is fixed for Wednesday, the 24th of September, 1800, ... Field , Mrs.
4788 Mrs. Walker's address to the ladies and gentlemen of Maidstone, and its neighbourhood. Walker , Mrs. Jane
5423 On Monday, February, 1st 1796. will be published, number I, (Price only Six-Pence,) to be continued once a fortnight without any interruption whatever, till the whole is compleated, of the letters of Lady Rachel Russell; from the manuscript in the library at Wooburn Abbey. To which is prefixed, an introduction, vindicating the character of Lord Russell against Sir John Dalrymple, &c. To which is added. The trial of Lord William Russell for high treason. Conditions of the publication of this elegant work. I. The whole of this work shall be printed on a superfine wove paper and on a new type, cast by thorne. II. That three sheets of letterpress shall be delivered in each number once a fort-night. III. This work shall be completed in fourteen numbers making one handsome volume in demy octavo. IV. That in the course of this work will be given four beautiful and splendid engravings, to illustrate this elegant work. V. To accomodate the admirers of beautiful printing, a superior edition will be worked off on a superfine wirewove vellum paper, of the finest texture, highly glazed and hot-pressed. VI. This edition will be additionally ornamented with the first impressions of the plates, worked off in the manner of proofs, and will be affixed the additional charge of only sixpence each number. Russell , Rachel
6853 On Thursday next, August 28, 1800, will be a grand display of fire-works, on the Bowling-green, Hooper's Hill, Margate. Mrs. Hengler begs leave to present for her husband Signior Hengler, ... Hengler , Sarah
16268 Priscilla Abbot, at her shop, Main-Street, Salem, imports and sells, a general assortment of European & India goods, cheap for cash Abbot , Priscilla
2469 Proposals for printing by subscription reliques of Irish poetry: Consisting of heroic tales, odes, elegies, and songs, translated into English verse, with notes explanatory and historical; to which will be subjoined a legendary tale. By Miss Brooke. Brooke , Charlotte
1905 Proposals for printing by subscription, essays, in verse and prose. By Anna Williams. ... Williams , Anna