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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
8617 Amasina, or the American Foundling. In Two Volumes. Dedicated by Permission to Lady Cotter. Unknown , [Woman]
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (London)
8903 Amatory Tales of Spain, France, Switzerland, and the Mediterranean: Containing the Fair Andalusian; Rosolia of Palermo; and the Maltese Portrait: Interspersed with Pieces of Original Poetry. In four volumes. By Honoria Scott, Author of The Winter in Edinburgh, &c. Scott , Honoria
J. Dick [Chiswell Street] (Edinburgh)
8336 Ambition. In Three Volumes. Lewis , Mary
William Blackwood [Princes Street] (Edinburgh)
Thomas Cadell Jun. (London)
16545 An essay on the education of female teachers. Written at the request of the American Lyceum, and communicated at their annual meeting,--New York, May 8th, 1835. By Catharine E. Beecher. Published at the desire of a meeting of ladies in New York. Beecher , Catharine Esther
Van Nostrand & Dwight (New York)
Corey & Fairbanks (Cincinnati)
5814 An Essay on the Noble Science of Self-Justification. Edgeworth , Maria
Joseph Johnson (London)
8818 Angelo Guicciardini; or, The Bandit of the Alps. A Romance. In four volumes. By Sophia Frances, author of Vivonio, Constance de Lindensdorf, and The Nun of Misericordia. Frances , Sophia
Henry Colburn [Conduit Street] (London)
9049 Anna; or, Edinburgh. A Novel, in two volumes. By Mrs. Roche, author of "London Tales, or Reflective Portraits," "The Moor," "Plain Tales;" &c. Roche I , Regina Maria
Robert Hill (London)
344 Annaline; or, Motive-Hunting. Hawkins , Laetitia-Matilda
James Carpenter and Co. (London)
9262 Annals of the Family of M'Roy. In three volumes. By Mrs. Blackford, author of "Tales of My Aunt Martha," "Scottish Orphans," &c. Stoddart , Lady Isabella Wellwood
W. Wetton [Paternoster Row] (London)
8977 Anselmo; or, The Day of Trial. A Romance. In Four Volumes. By Mary Hill, Author of The Forest of Comalva, &c. Hill , Mary
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
8598 Ariana and Maud. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Marian Moore, author of Lascelles. Moore , Marian
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (London)
8526 Ariel, or the Invisible Monitor. In four volumes. Isaacs , Mrs.
Minerva Press, William Lane (London)
12277 Astarte, a Sicilian Tale; with Other Poems. By Miss Harries. The second edition. Wilson , Margaret Baron
Clement Chapple [66 Pall Mall] (London)
Fairbairn and Anderson (Edinburgh)
1818 The second edition.
8952 Auberry Stanhope; or, Memoirs of an Author. In three volumes. By Jane Harvey, author of Ethelia, Wakefield Castle, Tynemouth Castle, &c. &c. Harvey , Jane
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
9150 Augustus & Adelina; or, The Monk of St. Barnardine. A Romance. In Four Volumes. By Miss C. D. Haynes, author of The Foundling of Devonshire, Castle of Le Blanc, &c. Haynes , Catherine Day
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
9009 Bachelors' Miseries. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By an old maid of distinction, author of several popular works. Unknown , [Woman]
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
9050 Barozzi; or The Venetian Sorceress. A Romance of the Sixteenth Century. In two volumes. By Mrs. Smith, author of The Caledonian Bandit, &c. &c. Smith , Catherine
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
73 Beatrice, A Tale Founded on Facts. By Mrs. Hofland. In three volumes. Hofland , Barbara
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (London)
9306 Beatrice; or, The Wycherly Family. A Novel. In four volumes. By Mary White. White , Mary
A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
15449 Belgium and Western Germany in 1833; Including Visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, the Harz Mountains, &c. &c. By Mrs. Trollope, Author of “Domestic Manners of the Americans.” Trollope , Frances
Baudry's European Library (Paris)
1834 French 1st.
8513 Belinda. By Maria Edgeworth. In Three Volumes. The Second Edition. Corrected and Improved. Edgeworth , Maria
Joseph Johnson (London)
1802 The Second Edition. Corrected and Improved.
8781 Bertrand; or, Memoirs of a Northumbrian Nobleman in the Seventeenth Century; Written by Himself. In Three Volumes. Layton , Jemima
Savile de Starck , Henry
Minerva Press, Lane, Newman, and Co. (London)
15631 Biographium Fæmineum. The Female Worthies: or, Memoirs of the Most Illustrious Ladies, of all Ages and Nations, who have been Eminently distinguished for their Magnanimity, Learning, Genius, Virtue, Piety, and other excellent Endowments, conspicuous in all the various Stations and Relations of Life, public and private. Containing (exclusive of Foreigners) The Lives of above Fourscore British Ladies, who have shone with a peculiar Lustre, and given the noblest Proofs of the most exalted Genius, and superior Worth. Collected from History, and the most approved Biographers, and brought down to the present Time. In Two Volumes. Unknown ,
Stanley Crowder (London)
John Payne [Feathers] (London)
John Wilkie (London)
William Nicholl (London)
John Wren (London)
6133 Biography for girls: or, moral and instructive examples, for young ladies. By Mrs Pilkington. Pilkington , Mary
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Poultry] (London)
11859 Black Rock House; or, Dear Bought Experience. A novel. By the author of "A Winter in Bath," "Eversfield Abbey," "The Corinna of England," "Banks of the Wye," "The Woman of Colour," &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. Unknown ,
Benjamin Crosby and Co. (London)
John Richardson [Royal Exchange] (Cornhill)
Mary Meyler and Son (Bath)