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Unknown, . Epidemical madness: a poem in imitation of Horace. London: John Brindley, 1739.
Seagrave, Robert. A draught of the justification of man, different from the present language of our pulpits. By Robert Seagrave ... London: Alexander Cruden, John Oswald, Thomas Astley, Anne Dodd II, 1740.
Jackson, Andrew. Paradise Lost: A Poem. Attempted in Rhime. Book I. London: Andrew Jackson, 1740.
Milton, John, and Andrew Jackson. Paradise lost: a poem. Attempted in rhime. Book I. London: 1740.
Unknown, . Reasons for an immediate war against France. London: Robert Amey, 1740.
Unknown, . The History of Thamas Kuli Khan, Shah, or Sophi of Persia. Extracted from the French. London: John Wilcox, Anne Dodd II, Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange], Elizabeth Cooke [Cook], 1740.
Unknown, . The Importance of Jamaica to Great-Britain, consider'd. With some account of that island, from its discovery in 1492 to this time: and a list of the governors and presidents, with an account of their towns, harbours, bays, buildings, inhabitants, whites and negroes, &c. The country and people cleared from misrepresentations; the misbehaviour of Spanish governors by entertaining pirates, and plundering the inhabitants and merchants of Jamaica, and the rise of the pirates among them. An account of their fruits, drugs, timber and dying-woods, and of the uses they are apply'd to there: with a description of exotick plants, preserved in the gardens of the curious in England; and of the kitchen and flower-gardens in the West-Indies. Also of their beasts, birds, fishes, and insects; with their eatables and potables, distempers and remedies. With an account of their trade and produce; with the advantages they are of to Great-Britain, Ireland, and the colonies in North-America, and the commodities they take in return from them, with the danger they are in from the French at Hispaniola, and their other islands and settlements on the continent, by the encouragements they have over the British planters. With instances of insults they have given His Majesty's subjects in the West-Indies and on the main. With the representation of His Late Majesty when elector of Hanover, and of the House of Lords, against a peace, which could not be safe or honourable if Spain or the West-Indies were allotted to any branch of the House of Bourbon. In a letter to a gentleman. In which is added, a postscript, of the benefits which may arise by keeping of Carthagena, to Great-Britain and our American colonies; with an account of what goods are used in the Spanish trade, and hints of settling it after the French method (by sending of women there) and of the trade and method of living of the Spaniards; and English South-Sea Company's factors there. London: Anne Dodd II, 1740?.
Unknown, . The priest and the widow, a tale. London: Edward Comyns, Jacob Robinson [Ludgate St], J. Jackson, Anne Dodd II, 1741.
Unknown, . Seasonable advice to the disinterested freeholders of Great Britain: in which the conduct and designs both of the court and country parties are impartially stated and examined, and such pointed out as are most deserving in the approaching elections. London: Mary Cooper, Jacob Robinson [Ludgate St], Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange], Elizabeth Cooke [Cook], Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], Henry Chapelle [Chappelle], 1741?.
Unknown, . A new court register... London: Thomas Cooper, 1742.
Amhurst, Nicholas. The test of love. An epistle to a friend. London: Edward Comyns, Jacob Robinson [Ludgate St], J. Jackson, Anne Dodd II, 1742.
Cannon, Thomas. Apollo; a poem: or the Origin of the world assign'd. With reflections upon human nature. By Mr. Cannon, of Gray's-Inn. London: James Roberts [Warwick Lane], Anne Dodd II, Joseph Fox I, 1744.
Unknown, . The Equity of Parnassus: A Poem. London: Charles Corbett, 1744.
The Hampstead Congress: or, the happy pair. London: Mary Cooper, Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], 1745.
Unknown, . The seventh satyre of Juvenal imitated. London: Charles Bathurst [Cross Keys], 1745.
Fielding, Henry. Ovid’s Art of love paraphrased, and adapted to the present time. With notes. And a most correct edition of the original. Book I. London: Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], Mary Cooper, 1747.
Loredano, Giovanni F. The life of Adam. Translated from Gio Francisco Loridano. To which is subjoyn'd, An essay towards an analysis of the human mind. Being, An Enquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Good and Evil, and the Nature, Rise, and Progress of the Passions, Habits, and Affections of the Human Soul. By Richard Murray, A. M. & J. U. B. London: Thomas Osborne II, Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange], Elizabeth Cooke [Cook], Mary Cooper, Charles Corbett, Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], J. Jackson, Henry Chapelle [Chappelle], Elizabeth Amey, 1748.
Unknown, . The rural maid, a poem. London: 1751.
Boyce, Samuel. The rover; Or, Happiness at last: a pastoral drama, as it was intended for the Theatre. London: Mary Cooper, William Reeve, Anne Dodd II, 1752.