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11750 Passages Selected by Distinguished Personages, on the Great Literary Trial of Vortigern and Rowena; a Comi-Tragedy. Volume IV. Third Edition. Dudley , Lady Mary (Author)
Dudley , Sir Henry Bate (Author)
James Ridgway [170 Piccadilly] (Publisher)
Third Edition. 3
22484 The wandering spy: or, The way of the world inquired into; with reflections on the humours of the town. Sarah Malthus (Bookseller)
Saturday, June the 9th, 1705
23168 A letter from Helen Hutton, who was Execute at Haddington, on Friday last, the 25th of February, written to her mother a few days before her execution. Hutton , Helen (Author)
s.n. [sine nomine] (Publisher)
Printed in the year 1726 1
13719 On The Connexion of the Physical Sciences. Somerville , Mary (Author)
John Murray II [Albemarle] (Publisher)
1846 7
14507 The History of the Condition of Women, in Various Ages and Nations. By Mrs. D. L. Child, Author of "Mother's Book," "Frugal Housewife," etc. Child , Lydia Maria Francis (Author)
Otis, Broaders, and Co. (Publisher)
Shepard, Oliver, and Co. (Printer)
H. & E. Phinny (Bookseller)
1843 5
13718 On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences. By Mary Somerville. Fifth edition. Somerville , Mary (Author)
John Murray II [Albemarle] (Publisher)
Andrew Spottiswoode (Printer)
1840 5
14233 Immediate, Not Gradual, Abolition; or, An Inquiry into the Shortest, Safest, and Most Effectual Means of Getting Rid of West Indian Slavery. Heyrick , Elizabeth (Author)
Isaac Knapp [Cornhill] (Publisher)
10134 Singularity, patriotism, and artifice: instructive and entertaining stories for young people: with fine engravings. Hall , Clara (Author)
Edward Lacey (Publisher)
Henry Lacey (Publisher)
14578 Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan, with Sketches of Anglo-Indian Society. By Emma Roberts, Author of "Memoirs of the Rival House of York and Lancaster," "Oriental Scenes," &c. &c. Second Edition. In Two Volumes. Roberts , Emma (Author)
William Houghton Allen & Co. (Publisher)
John Lewis Cox and Son (Printer)
1837 2
14231 Immediate, Not Gradual, Abolition. By Elizabeth Heyrick, a Member of the Society of Friends. Heyrick , Elizabeth (Author)
10182 Five hundred charades from history, geography, and biography. A new ed., revised and corrected. Wakefield , Eliza (Author)
John William Parker (Publisher)
8884 Falkner: A Novel by the author of "Frankenstein;" "the Last Man," &c. In three volumes. Shelley , Mary Wollstonecraft (Author)
Saunders and Otley (Publisher)
Stevens and Pardon (Printer)
1837 1
13059 Autumnal Leaves; Or, Tints of Memory and Imagination. By Henrietta F. Vallé. Second edition. Valpy , Henrietta F. (Author)
George Smith, Alexander Elder and Co. (Publisher)
Stewart and Co. [London] (Printer)
1837 2
1436 Wood Leighton; Or, A Year In the Country. By Mary Howitt. In Three Volumes. Howitt , Mary (Author)
Richard Bentley (Publisher)
Samuel Bentley (Printer)
1836 1
13157 Winter evenings, or, Tales of travellers. By Maria Hack. Hack , Maria (Author)
Samuel Darton and Robert Harvey [1833-38] (Publisher)
Joseph Rickerby [Sherborne Lane] (Printer)
10464 Willy's holidays, or, Conversations on different kinds of governments: intended for young children. By Jane Marcet. Marcet , Jane (Author)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman (Publisher)
Andrew Spottiswoode (Printer)
1836 1
1442 Vandeleur; Or, Animal Magnetism. A Novel. In Three Volumes. Pisani , Marianna (Author)
Richard Bentley (Publisher)
Samuel Bentley (Printer)
1836 1
15005 Two Months at Kilkee, a Watering Place in the County of Clare, Near the Mouth of the Shannon, with an Account of a Voyage down that River from Limerick to Kilrush, and Sketches of Objects of Interest in the Neighbourhood, Which Will Serve as a Guide to the Coast Scenery. By Mary John Knott, with Engravings, &c.. Knott , Mary (Author)
Kirkwood , John (Illustrator)
William Curry Jun. and Co. (Publisher)
Richard Moore Tims (Publisher)
G. Ridings (Publisher)
and 10 more.
1836 1
457 True Tales of the Irish Peasantry as Related by Themselves; Selected by Mrs. Johnstone from the Report of the Poor-Law Commissioners Johnstone , Christian Isobel (Author)
William Tait (Publisher)
Simpkin, Marshall and Co. (Publisher)
James Ridgeway (Publisher)
and 2 more.
194 Traits and Trials of Early Life. By L. E. L. Author of "The Improvisatrice" &c. Landon , Letitia Elizabeth (Author)
Henry Colburn [Great Marlborough Street] (Publisher)
Benjamin Bensley (Printer)
1836 1
380 Tour of a German Artist in England with Notices of Private Galleries, and Remarks on the State of Art. By M Passavant. In Two Volumes, with Plates. Passavant , Johann David (Author)
Eastlake , Elizabeth (Translator)
Saunders and Otley (Publisher)
1836 1
11255 The Young Cadet; or, Henry Delamere's Voyage to India, his Travels in Hindostan; with the Wonders of Elora. Revised and altered by the author. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Africa Described; Patience; Self-Denial; Moderation; Integrity; Fortitude; Decision; Reflection; Humility; Clergyman's Widow; &c. A new edition. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
A. K. Newman and Co. (Publisher)
John Darling (Printer)
10109 The white cat. d'Aulnoy , Marie-Catherine (Author)
Archibald Park (Publisher)
10706 The well-directed sixpence: a story founded on fact. By Mrs. Sherwood. Sherwood , Mary Martha (Author)
Thomas Melrose (Publisher)
16669 The village school, to which is added Jenny, or The conversion of a child, a narrative. By Mrs. P.H. Brown, author of the "Tree and its Fruits." Brown , Phoebe Hinsdale (Contributor)
Ezra Collier (Publisher)
Craighead and Allen (Printer)
1836 1