ID Title Contributors Firms Year Edition
13355 A Collection of Hymns, from various authors. Intended as a supplement to Dr. Watts's Hymns, and Imitation of the Psalms. Burder, George (Author)
Luckman, Mary (Bookseller)
Watts, Isaac (Author)
Mary Luckman (Printer)
Mary Luckman (Bookseller)
12957 A collection of maxims, observations, &c. Lightbody Greg, Hannah (Compiler)
John McCreery [Houghton Street] (Printer)
1799 1
12401 A Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, By Mrs. B-----n, in the Parish of Carnock, near Dunfermline. Unknown, [Woman] (Author)
Caw and Elder (Publisher)
1819 1
13389 A collection of novels and tales of the fairies. Written by that celebrated wit of France, the Countess d'Anois. In three volumes. The fifth edition. Translated from the best edition of the original French, by several hands. d'Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine (Author)
Ware, Catherine (Publisher)
Bedwell Law [13 Ave Maria Lane, 1767-1790, 1794-1795] (Publisher)
Henry Woodfall (Publisher)
Catherine and Richard Ware (Publisher)
and 3 more.
1767 5
12161 A Collection of Novels, Selected and Revised by Mrs. Griffith. Griffith, Elizabeth (Editor)
Haywood, Eliza (Author)
Behn, Aphra (Author)
and 1 more.
George Kearsley [Fleet Street] (Publisher)
1777 1
4734 A collection of poems and fables, by Mrs. Isabella Kelly. Kelly, Isabella (Author)
John Debrett [179 Piccadilly] (Publisher)
John Balfour (Publisher)
William Richardson (Publisher)
1794 1
12513 A collection of poems and letters. Poems, &c. 1. An Ode from Sans Souci, characteristic of the late Northern Potentaete, with Annotations by Machiavel in the Shades. 2. Lines on the death of Infants, &c. 3. A Father's Soliloquy over a Sleeping Child, before his going to Prison. 4. Verses on the Death of a Son four Years old. 5. On the late Fast for National Sins, &c. 6. On the French Standards hung up at St. Paul's. Letters. 1. On German Electors and Princes Hiring out their Subjects for Soldiers. 2. An Account and Defence of the Author's Publications in Support of Universal Redemption, and of his Objections to an exclusive Priesthood. 3. A short View of the Signs of Times, drawn from a larger Work on the Numbers in the Law, the Prophets, and the Gospel. 4. A Letter on the Military Profession to a Gentleman, who, from Doubt and Fear of its being inconsistent with his Christian Profession, resigned his Commission. 5. A Letter on the present Rage for Fragments of Prophecies, not founded Peacock, Lucy (Bookseller)
Clarke, Richard (Author)
Lucy Peacock, Juvenile Library (Bookseller)
George Sael [20 Newcastle Street] (Bookseller)
John Dennis [Holborn] (Bookseller)
1794 1
4832 A collection of poems, by a young lady. Swinney, Jane (Author)
Gillman and Etherington (Printer)
James Evans (Bookseller)
William Bristow (Bookseller)
and 14 more.
1792 1
267 A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna Baillie. Baillie, Joanna (Editor)
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (Publisher)
Andrew and Robert Spottiswoode [New Street Square] (Printer)
1823 1
13572 A collection of poems, mostly original, by several hands. Graisberry, Mary (Printer)
Edkins, Joshua (Editor)
Mary Graisberry (Printer)
1789 1
2125 A collection of poems. By Anne Ross. Ross, Ann (Author)
Robert Chapman (Printer)
1798 3
6261 A Collection of Roses from Nature. Lawrance, Mary (Publisher)
Lawrance, Mary (Engraver)
Lawrance, Mary (Illustrator)
Mary Lawrance (Publisher)
2123 A collection of scarce and valuable receipts, never before printed, and taken from the manuscripts of divers persons ... To which is added the making several sorts of wines, ... By Anne Battam, ... Battam, Anne (Author)
s.n. (Printer)
987 A Collection of some of the Most Celebrated Parliamentary Speeches During the Last Five Centuries. Compiled with Care from the Most Approved Readings. Shore, Margaret Emily (Author)
22 A Collection of Songs and Poems on Several Occasions. By Isabel Pagan. Pagan, Isabel (Author)
Niven, Napier and Khull (Printer)
3223 A collection of songs with symphonies and a thorough bass. With six lessons for the harpsichord compos'd by Miss Eliza: Turner. Turner, Elizabeth (Author)
s.n. (Printer)
1756 2
3222 A collection of songs: with symphonies and accompaniments. Set to music by Miss Turner. Turner, Elizabeth (Author)
s.n. (Printer)
15059 A collection of the most approved entertaining stories, calculated for the instruction and amusement of all the little masters and misses in this vast empire. By Solomon Winlove, Esq. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Winlove, Solomon (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
J. Cundee (Printer)
12920 A Collection of the Most Approved Entertaining Stories, calculated for the instruction and amusement of all the little masters and misses in this vast empire. By Solomon Winlove, Esq. A new edition. Newbery, Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown, (Author)
Elizabeth Newbery (Publisher)
James Cundee, Albion Press (Printer)
13419 A collection of the most esteemed farces and entertainments performed on the British stage. Cibber, Susannah Maria Arne (Author)
Silvester Doig [1790-96] (Publisher)
William Anderson (Publisher)
13416 A collection of the most esteemed farces and entertainments performed on the British stage. A new edition. Shakespeare, William (Author)
Cibber, Susannah Maria Arne (Author)
Centlivre, Susanna (Author)
and 19 more.
Charles Elliot [Edin] (Publisher)
6667 A collection, of juvenile poems, on various subjects. By J. Griffiths. Written originally for her own Amusement, and now published at the Solicitations of her Acquaintance. Griffiths, J. (Author)
John Sharp (Printer)
7366 A comment on Dr. Watts's Divine songs for children, with questions; designed to illustrate the doctrines and precepts to which they refer; and induce a proper application of them as instruments of early piety. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer, Sarah (Author)
John Rivington and Sons [or J. F. and C. Rivington] (Publisher)
Charles Dilly (Publisher)
Thomas Longman, jun. (Publisher)
and 2 more.
1789 1
58 A Communication given to Joanna, in Answer to Mr. Brothers' last Book, published the end of this year, 1802 Southcott, Joanna (Author)
Edward Spragg (Printer)
E. J. Field (Bookseller)
W. Simmonds (Bookseller)
835 A Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and in the Hebrides: To which is added, a description of part of the main land of Scotland, and of the isles of Mull, Ulva, Staffa, I-Columbkill, Tirii, Coll, Eigg, Skye, Raza, and Scalpa. By the Hon. Mrs. Murray, of Kensington. Vol. II. Murray, Sarah (Author)
W. Bulmer and Co. (Printer)
George and William Nicol [58 Pall Mall] (Bookseller)
John Bell and John Bradfute [32 Parliament Close] (Bookseller)
1803 1