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Jacob, Giles. The laws of appeals and murder: containing I. The nature of appeals in general; how commenced, and by whom prosecured in all Cases. II. Of Appeals and Murder, Manslaughter, &c. wherein are explained in numerous Instances, and adjudged Cases, Malice prepensed, the Laws of Duelling, Murder in Arrests, Riots, &c. Commanding to Kill, Intentions of Killing, Poisoning, Petit Treason, Stabbing, Justifiable Homicide, Homicide Excusable, &c. And also of Indictments for Murder, with a very great Variety of Select Precedents. III. Of Maihem, Rape, &c. The Laws and Statutes concerning them, and Appeals on those Heads; illustrated in several extraordinary Modern Cases, particularly of Rape: And Proceedings on Appeals of Murder, &c. With particular Directions for the entire Management of that Business. IV. Latin precedents in the whole course of appeals, (viz.) Original Writs. Declarations, Pleadings, Certiorars's ad Removend. &c. The Pleadings perused and approved by Sir Peter King, present Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and Mr. Eyre, now one of the Justices of the King's Bench, and other celebrated Counsels. Compil'd from the manuscripts of an eminent practiser late of Lincoln's Inn, deceased. deceased. By G. Jacob, Gent. To which is added, an appeal of murder brough by Henry Young against Christopher Slaterford for the Murder of his Sister, tried at the Queen's Bench Bar, where the Defendant was convicted, and was afterwards executed at Guilford in the County of Surrey. Anno 8 Annae Reg. 1709. Also An Appeal brought by Reeves against Trindle who was Accessary to the Murder of a Custom-House-Officer on the Coast of Sussex and convicted. London: Bernard Lintott, 1719.
Douglas, Anne. The Countess of Moreton's Daily Exercise: Or, A book of Prayers and Rules how to Spend the Time in the Service and Pleasure of Almighty God. The Twenty-second Edition. London: John Walthoe II, James, John, and Paul Knapton, Robert Knaplock, Richard Wilkin, Daniel Midwinter and Aaron Ward, Arthur Bettesworth, Joseph Downing, James and James Bonwicke, Ranew Robinson, William Mears [Ludgate Hill], Robert Gosling, William Innys [St. Paul's], Benjamin Motte, Thomas Ward, Samuel Birt, Daniel Browne II, M. Wyat, Christiana Bowyer, 1732.
Steele, Richard and Joseph Addison. The lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq; revised and corrected by the author. Vol. I. London: Elizabeth Nutt [Royal Exchange], James Knapton, Benjamin Sprint, Daniel Midwinter and Aaron Ward, Jacob Tonson I [Strand], Robert Gosling, William Innys and Richard Manby, John Osborn and Thomas Longman, Ranew Robinson, Benjamin Motte, Henry Lintot, 1733.