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The Houghton Library stewards a world class collection of rare books, manuscripts, archives, photographs, ephemera and other rare and unique materials for the Harvard campus, the Boston-Cambridge metropolitan area, and beyond.


Houghton Library. Harvard University, 1942, 


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
13572 A collection of poems, mostly original, by several hands. 1789
24920 A Compleat History of Bedfordshire. Containing, I. The Geographical Description of the Country in Alphabetical Order. 2. The Ecclesiastical History. 3. The Civil History. 4. The Natural History. 5. The Literary History. 6. The Antiquities. 7. A Map of the County. 8. A Table of the Names of all Towns and Villages, &c . with the Value of the Livings, the Patrons, Incumbents, and the Gentlemens Seats: Also a Scheme of all the Market-Towns, &c. their Distance from London, and from one another, &c. Unknown ,
13752 A Fragment. Stebbing , Henry
Mary Cooper (London)
13772 A Full Account of the Siege of Minorca, by the French, in 1756. With all the Circumstances relating thereto. Unknown ,
Ann and Charles Corbett (London)
13744 A fund raising for the Italian gentleman: or, A magazine filling on the scheme of frugality. What damage may arise from an explosion, is calculated from the accurate observations of the famous Dr. Atterbury. Fleming , Caleb
Mary Cooper (London)
13748 A letter of consolation and counsel to the good people of England, especially of London and Westminster, occasion'd by the late earthquakes. By a layman. Unknown , [Man]
Mary Cooper (London)
13741 A letter to Dr. Abraham Johnson, On the subject of his new scheme for the propagation of the human species: in which, another method of obtaining that great end, more adequate to the sentiments of the ladies, is proposed; and, the reflections that author has cast upon the Royal Society of London, are answered. By a fellow. Unknown , [Man]
Mary Cooper (London)
13756 A letter to the King of *****. By an Englishman; Not a member of the House of Commons. Unknown , [Man]
Ann and Charles Corbett (London)
13746 A manual for common Christians; or, Plain reasons for infant-baptism; designed for the use of all paedo-baptists, of every denomination; that they may give a reason of their practice with meekness and charity, and know how to apply the ritual with a truly religious intention Fleming , Caleb
Mary Cooper (London)
13862 A modest plea for the property of copy right. By Catharine Macaulay. Macaulay , Catharine
Edward and Charles Dilly (London)
1065 A Narrative of the Events which have taken place in France, from the landing of Napoleon Bonaparte on the 1st of March, 1815, till the restoration of Louis XVIII. With an account of the present state of society and public opinion. By Helen Maria Williams. Williams , Helen Maria
John Murray II [Albemarle] (London)
13791 A new and improved grammar of the English tongue: for the use of schools. In which the genius of our speech is especially attended to, and the discoveries of Mr. Horne Tooke and other Modern Writers on the Formation of Language are, for the first time incorporated. By William Hazlitt. Author of an essay on the princoples of Human action, &c. &c. &c. To which is added, a new guide to the english tongue, in a letter to Mr. W.F. Mylius, Author of the school Dictionary. By Edward Baldwin, Esq. Hazlitt , William
Godwin , William
Mary Jane Godwin and Co. [Skinner Street] (London)
24943 A New Translation of Æsop. In a Hundred Select Fables, Burlesqu'd. With a suitable new Moral Adapted to each Fable. Never before Printed. , Aesop
Sarah Malthus (London)
William Lucas (London)
24933 A plain path-way opened to the simple-hearted, for the answering all doubts and objections which do arise in them against the light and truth in the inward parts; by which many are kept from Obedience, and so from Peace to their painting Souls. By Stephen Crisp. To which is added, an invitation from the spirit of Christ. By Humphry Smith. Crisp , Stephen
Smith , Humphry
Tace Sowle Raylton and Luke Hinde (London)
5515 A residence in France, during the years 1792, 1793, 1794, and 1795; described in a series of letters from an English lady: with general and incidental remarks on the French character and manners. Prepared for the press by John Gifford, Esq. author of the History of France, letter to Lord Lauderdale, &c. In two volumes. Biggs , Rachel Charlotte
Thomas Norton Longman III (London)
24934 A Secret History of One Year Defoe , Daniel
1072 A Series of Letters between Mrs. Elizabeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, from the year 1741 to 1770. To which are added, Letters from Mrs. Carter to Mrs. Vesey, between the years 1763 and 1787; Published from the original manuscripts in the possession of the Rev. Montagu Pennington, M.A. Vicar of Norghbourn, her nephew and executor. In two volumes. Carter , Elizabeth
Talbot , Catherine
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
13765 A Short History of Birds & Beasts, for the amusement and instruction of Children. Adorned with Cuts. Unknown ,
13818 A Ten Years' Residence in France, during the severest part of the revolution; from the year 1787 to 1797, containing various anecdotes of some of the most remarkable personages of that period. By Charlotte West. West , Charlotte
William Sams (London)
R. Jennings (London)
13720 A trip to Paris, in July and August, 1792 Twiss , Richard
Minerva Press, William Lane (London)
13562 A voyage round the world. In His Majesty's ship the Dolphin, commanded by the honourable Commodore Byron. In which is Contained, A faithful account of the several places, people, plants, animals, &c. seen on the voyage: And, among other particulars, a minute and exact description of the streights of Magellan, and the gigantic poeple called Patagonians. Together with an accurate account of seven island lately discovered in the South Seas. By an officer on board the said ship. Unknown ,
James Hoey, Senior (Dublin)
Peter Wilson [ii] [30 Skinner Row] (Dublin)
James Potts (Dublin)
James Williams [5 Skinner Row] (Dublin)
William Colles [19 Dame Street] (Dublin)
Dillon Chamberlaine [Dame Street] (Dublin)
John Mitchell I [Skinner Row] (Dublin)
John Murphy (Dublin)
Laurence Flin [Castle Street] (Dublin)
William II and William IV Smith (Dublin)
Elizabeth Watts [m. Lynch in 1768] (Dublin)
William Sleater I [Castle Street] (Dublin)
13729 Albina, a Novel. In a series of Letters. Unknown ,
John Halpen (also Halpin) [Henry Street] (Dublin)
Henry Whitestone [Capel Street] (Dublin)
Richard Moncrieffe [16 Capel Street] (Dublin)
John Cash [Capel Street] (Dublin)
William McKenzie [Dame Street] (Dublin)
William Gilbert [26 South Great George's Street] (Dublin)
Charles Brown (Dublin)
Luke White [Dame Street] (Dublin)
Richard Lewis [Bride Street] (Dublin)
13865 An address to the people of England, Scotland and Ireland, on the present important crisis of affairs. By Catharine Macaulay. Macaulay , Catharine
Edward and Charles Dilly (London)
13560 An archaeological epistle to the Reverend and Worshipful Jeremiah Milles, D.D., Dean of Exeter, President of the Society of Antiquaries, and editor of a superb edition of the poems of Thomas Rowley, priest. To which is annexed a glossary, extracted from that of the learned dean. Unknown ,
Milles , Jeremiah
Robert Faulder (London)
John Nichols [Fleet Street] (London)
John Walter [Homer's Head, Charing Cross] (London)
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
John Sewell [Cornhill] (Cornhill)
13567 An elegy written in a country church-yard. The Fifth edition, corrected. Gray , Thomas
Sarah Cotter (later Stringer) [Skinner Row] (Dublin)