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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
10877 A collection of birds & riddles. By Miss Polly & Master Tommy. Unknown ,
371 A Collection of Farces and Other Afterpieces, which are acted at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Hay-Market. Printed under the authority of the manager from the prompt book: selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In seven volumes. Colman , George (the elder)
Hawkesworth , John
Burgoyne , John
O'Hara , Kane
Birch , Samuel
Kemble , John Philip
Colman , George (the younger)
Tobin , John
Bickerstaff , Isaac
Sheridan , Richard Brinsley
Dodsley , Robert
Brooke , Frances
Jackman , Isaac
Garrick , David
Fielding , Henry
Foote , Samuel
Murphy , Arthur
du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
Inchbald , Elizabeth
Kenney , James
Cowley , Hannah
Macklin , Charles
Kotzebue , August Friedrich Ferdinand von
Dibdin , Thomas
O'Keeffe , John
Jephson , Robert
Knight , Thomas
Pearce , William
Hoare , Prince
Reed , Joseph
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme (London)
23847 A collection of meditations and devotions, in three parts. I. Meditations on the creation. II. Meditations and devotions on the life of Christ. III. Daily devotions and Thanks-Givings, &c. By the first reformer of the Devotions in the ancient way of offices; afterwards reviewed and set forth by the late Learned Dr. Hickes. Published by N. Spinckes, M.A. Hopton , Susannah
Daniel Midwinter I (London)
Nathaniel Spinckes (London)
12401 A Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, By Mrs. B-----n, in the Parish of Carnock, near Dunfermline. Unknown , [Woman]
Caw and Elder (Edinburgh)
9729 A Collection of Prayers for Household Use, with a Few Hymns and Other Poems. Harper , Catherine
J. Parker [Oxford] (Oxford)
Charles and John Rivington (London)
25283 A Collection of the occasional papers for the year 1716. With a preface. Unknown ,
James Knapton (London)
John Harrison (Cornhill)
Anne Dodd I (London)
24320 A collection of white and black lists or, A view of those gentlemen who have given their votes in Parliament for and against the Protestant religion, and succession, and the trade and liberties of their country; ever since the Glorious Revolution to the happy accession of King George. N.B. The errors of all former lists are here corrected. Adding something to this title. The fourth edition. Whatley , Stephen
Sarah Popping (London)
1715. The fourth edition
6667 A collection, of juvenile poems, on various subjects. By J. Griffiths. Written originally for her own Amusement, and now published at the Solicitations of her Acquaintance. Griffiths , J.
15159 A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England: with Collects and Prayers for each Solemnity. By Robert Nelson, Esq. The Twenty-Sixth Edition. Nelson , Robert
Thomas Longman II (London)
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
Elizabeth Newbery (London)
George, George, John and James Robinson (London)
Robert Baldwin I (London)
William Stuart (London)
William Flexney [319 Holborn] (London)
Thomas Evans [46 Paternoster Row] (London)
Stanley Crowder (London)
Bedwell Law and Son (London)
Sir Charles Corbett (London)
John Nichols [Fleet Street] (London)
Robert Faulder (London)
William Lowndes [77 Fleet Street] (London)
George and Thomas Wilkie (London)
Henry Gardner (London)
John Walker II [44 Paternoster Row, 1784-1814, 1818-1825] (London)
James Scatcherd and J. Whitaker (London)
Richard Ryan [351 Oxford Street] (London)
1791 The Twenty-Sixth Edition.
920 A Comparative View of the New Plan of Education promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lancaster, in his Tracts concerning the Instruction of the Children of the Labouring Part of the Community; and of the system of Christian education founded by our pious forefathers for the initiation of the young members of the Established Church in the principles of there formed religion. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
25522 A compendious treatise on the contents, virtues, and uses of cold and hot mineral springs in general: particularly the celebrated waters of Scarborough. With Observations on their Quality, and proper Directions in drinking them. The Whole consisting of what is chiefly Useful in the Works of the most celebrated Authors who have wrote on this Subject; with Practical Observations. By John Atkins, surgeon. To which are annexed, the opinions of Sir John Floyer and Dr. Baynard. on the great use and effect of bathing in the sea. Atkins , John
Anne Dodd I (London)
25630 A compleat key to the Dunciad. Curll , Edmund
Anne Dodd I (London)
25879 A conference, on the doctrine of transubstantiation, between His Grace the Duke of Buckingham, and Father Fitzgerald, an Irish Jesuit, Whom King James II. sent, in the time of his Sickness, in Yorkshire, to convert him to the Romish Religion. The Second Edition. Villiers , George
Fitz-gerrald , Father
Ferdinando Burleigh (London)
Anne Dodd I (London)
1714 The Second Edition.
15606 A Connected History of The Life and Divine Mission of Jesus Christ, as recorded in The Narratives of the Four Evangelists: with Notes, selected from the short-hand papers Of the late Reverend Newcome Cappe. To which are added, Reflections arising from the several subjects of each section. By Catharine Cappe. Cappe , Catharine
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme (London)
Wilson and Son (York)
1830 A course of lectures for Sunday evenings. Containing religious advice to young persons. Kilner , Mary Ann
1805 Sixth Edition
1833 A course of lectures for Sunday evenings. Containing religious advice to young persons. In two volumes. Kilner , Mary Ann
24828 A course of lectures on the principal subjects in pneumatology, ethics, and divinity: with references to the most considerable authors on each subject. By the late Rev. Philip Doddridge, D.D. The third edition. To which are now added, a great number of references, and Many Notes of Reference, to the Various Writers, on the Same Topics, who have Appeared since the Doctor's Decease. By Andrew Kippis, D. D. F. R. S. and S. A. Doddridge , Philip
Kippis , Andrew
Stanley Crowder (London)
Thomas Norton Longman III (London)
Bedwell Law and Son (London)
George, George, and John Robinson (London)
Robert Baldwin I (London)
William Otridge (London)
William Richardson [Cornhill] (Cornhill)
Francis and Charles Rivington (London)
James Mathews [Matthews] (London)
Samuel Hayes (London)
William Bent [55 Paternoster] (London)
William Goldsmith [Warwick] (London)
Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Birchin Lane] (London)
David Ogilvy and J. Speare (London)
John Deighton [325 High Holborn] (London)
James Scatcherd and J. Whitaker (London)
John Cuthell [4 Middle Row] (London)
William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch] (London)
1794 The Third Edition. To which are now added, a great number of references, and Many Notes of Reference, to the Various Writers, on the Same Topics, who have Appeared since the Doctor's Decease.
25433 A critical dissertation on Titus iii. 10,11. Wherein Mr. Foster's notion of heresy is consider'd, and confuted. And the power of the Church to censure hereticks is vindicated. By Tipping Silvester, M. A. Fellow of Pembroke College Oxon, and Lecturer of St. Bartholomew the Great. Silvester , Tipping
11822 A cup of sweets that can never cloy, or Delightful tales for good children. By the author of Short Stories, Summer Rambles, &c., &c. Semple , Elizabeth
John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] (London)
1818 Seventh Edition.
14764 A Cup of Sweets that can Never Cloy: Or, Delightful Tales for Good Children. By a Lady. Semple , Elizabeth
John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] (London)
1805 Second Edition.
11821 A cup of sweets, that can never cloy, or, Delightful tales for good children. By the author of Short Stories, Summer Rambles, &c. &c. Semple , Elizabeth
John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] (London)
1814 Sixth Edition
23939 A curious herbal, containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick. Engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings, taken from the life. By Elizabeth Blackwell. To which is added a short description of ye plants; and their common uses in physick. Blackwell , Elizabeth
John Nourse (London)
25374 A curious relation of all the ceremonies observed on occasion of the marriage between the King of France and the Princess Mary daughter to King Stanislaus. Publish'd by authority at Paris, and faithfully translated into English by a physician. James Roberts [Warwick Lane] (London)
Anne Dodd I (London)
25460 A declaration of Monsieur de la Noue, to the diet of the Empire, at Francfort, in the name of the French King. With proper observations upon that masterpiece of French policy. Translated from the Dutch. de La Noüe , Denis Malbrand
25325 A defence of the late learned Dr. Clarke's notion of natural liberty: in answer to three letters wrote to him by a gentleman at the University of Cambridge, on the side of necessity. Together with some remarks on Mr. Locke's chapter of power. By S. Strutt, of the Inner Temple. Strutt , Samuel
Thomas Green (London)