Kate Moffatt graduated with a Master of Arts in English at SFU in 2019.

Amanda Law is a fourth-year English at Simon Fraser University, currently completing her Honours thesis. She has worked on the WPHP since January 2020.

Sara Penn is an MA Candidate in Simon Fraser University's Department of English and has worked on the WPHP since December 2018. 

To honour the Black Lives Matter movement, and in solidarity with the protests that have erupted across the globe, WPHP has planned a series of Spotlights that call attention to how our project can participate in the process of discovering and celebrating Black lives of the past. Our spotlights focus...

In this first episode of The WPHP Monthly Mercury, “Jane Austen Adjacent”, hosts Kandice Sharren and Kate Moffatt explore Jane Austen’s publication history, from unpublished anonymity to well-beloved and canonical, to introduce you to the Women’s Print History Project. 

The Women’s Print History Project is pleased to announce the arrival of its very own podcast! Introducing: “The WPHP Monthly Mercury.”

A summary of WPHP activities in 2019.


A summary of WPHP activities in 2018.